Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass has produced hundreds of Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass panels. A celebrated architect, forward thinking planner, and legendary designer Frank Lloyd Wright was perhaps the most famous architect of the 20th century.

While he was a great designer of buildings, he also designed many of the elements that were included in his buildings. Windows and stained glass were one of the places where he set himself apart from many of his contemporaries. The 2 most dominant characteristics of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass are the geometric shapes that dominate their design and the natural colors, tones and textures utilized throughout.

Creating pieces that faithfully draw on the original works, Scottish Stained Glass has integrated pieces into entry ways, kitchen cabinets, schools, sun rooms, etc. Often these installations are replacements for original works they were lost or broken. In this case we work extremely hard to match the colors and textures to the original in an attempt to create seamless transitions between the old and new. In other cased the stained glass we produce is for restored homes or offices which may not have originally had stained glass, but who’s owners now want to include the Frank Lloyd Wright look into their restoration. In these cases we design stained glass which is both faithful to the style but also integrates well with the updated design.

Please check out our Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass page for more details. If you have any interest in sharing your project with us and letting us propose a design, we are sure you will be impressed.

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