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Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Panels

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Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Ceilings

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Frank Lloyd Wright Abstract Stained Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Windows

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Frank Lloyd Wright Original Stained Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright - Fallingwater

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Frank Lloyd Wright Tree of Life Stained Glass Small

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Martin House

Frank Lloyd Wright Meyer May House




Dana Thomas Stained Glass Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Unity Temple Ceiling

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Ceiling Panels



Install Stained Glass Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright in Your Home

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to feature prairie style designs influenced by the great architect and designer, Frank Lloyd Wright. These designs are not copies of his work but very obviously feature his style.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass was a wonderful addition to many of the homes designed by Wright, especially from the 1900’s – 1930’s. His organic approach to architecture and design can be seen in particular with his stained glass work.

Martin Faith, owner of Scottish Stained Glass, and many of his designers are admirers of Frank Lloyd Wright and as a result have produced some stunning prairie style windows and door panels.

Frank Lloyd Wright Style of Stained Glass

Almost all the stained glass works of Frank Lloyd Wright are straight lines and geometric shapes. Clients with a taste for contemporary furnishings and liking for the Mission style are most often drawn to this style of stained glass design.

Many of our clients love these types of stained glass window designs although a large number of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass designs use clear glass with small splashes of color. This works for some of our clients but others prefer to use these stained and leaded glass window and door panels to offer some degree of privacy. Therefore we offer various textures of glass in order that the interior of the client’s home cannot be seen from the outside.

Using our unique CAD system we have designed over 200 different prairie and Frank Lloyd Wright style custom designs and look forward to creating many more in the near future. The latest addition to our technology allows us to show you a photograph of your window with a computer rendering of the stained glass shown exactly as it will look before we even start making the glass. Whether you are looking to restore original windows or create new ones, Scottish Stained Glass has the design expertise and installation experience to make your Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass windows the talk of the neighborhood. Give us a call or email us today for a FREE design consultation.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959) was an American architect and designer who is thought to have designed over 1,000 homes and commercial/ public buildings of which around 500 were completed. He was born in 1867 in Wisconsin, Frank Lloyd Wright grew up with a great love for nature. His concept of “organic architecture” and the idea that architecture and nature should blend together can clearly be seen in his work. His design of “Fallingwater” in 1935 where the structure is built on top of a waterfall is possibly the best example of this. (See the photo opposite and below) Frank LLoyd Wright also designed many of the interior elements of his buildings and in particular the custom stained glass. He is thought to have designed over 4,000 leaded glass windows and doors for over 150 homes and other buildings. He often referred to these as “light screens” and his use of clear window pane glass along with design and small amounts of color allow the light to filter through and blends the interior design with the outside world. He created leaded glass designs for doors, windows, ceiling panels, lamps, wall sconces and cabinet doors. Frank Lloyd Wright was named “The Greatest American Architect of all Time” by the American Institute of Architects in 1991.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Artist

Frank Lloyd Wright Photos and Images

The photos on the top half of this page are Scottish Stained Glass creations influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright. On the bottom half of the page from number 13 – 23 are photos and designs of some of his original works and sketches. We hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we do and below are some brief descriptions of some of the homes where these works originated and in most cases can still be seen today.

The Coonley playhouse was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, shortly after his return from Europe in 1911. The Coonley windows are unique in the use of primary colors instead of Wright’s normal earth tones. The playhouse was a kindergarten run by Mrs. Coonley, and the use of these primary colors on the upper clear story windows was no doubt a constant source of fascination to the children attending school.

The Willits house, Highland Park, Illinois, built in 1902, was one of the first homes to contain many of the elements of the prairie style. Our own favorite and in our opinion the pinnacle of his prairie style achievement is the Robie House, built in Chicago, 1909 and containing the most incredible stained glass of all time.

The Martin House is part of a complex of buildings. Frank Lloyd Wright designed 394 pieces of art glass for the Martin Complex. Each of the house’s two floors have a different basic pattern for the window designs, and there are separate patterns for exterior and interior windows as well as for ceiling panels.The famous “Tree of Life” design used on the second floor has become synonymous with his name although he never actually named the design, or any of his other works.

Dana House in Springfield, Illinois is another great example of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style. His stained glass windows are positioned to continually draw the occupant to an awareness of the outside. Wright designed approximately 440 stained glass windows, skylights, door panels, sconces, and light fixtures for the house.

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