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Beautiful Houston Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass has stained glass designers and installers working throughout the Houston metropolitan area. We have been servicing the Houston, Texas area with the nation’s highest quality stained and leaded glass for almost a decade now and our parent company has been in business for over 20 years. There are now beautiful examples of our stained glass and leaded glass in over 3,000 Houston homes as well as in the surrounding cities such as out west in Katy, The Woodlands and Conroe to the North, east as far as Baytown and in the south in Sugar Land, Pearland, Missouri City, League City and as far as Galveston.

In Home Consultations

As we all know the architecture in our Houston metro area homes can be very diverse. It is important to have your glass match the style of your home both internally and externally. We pride ourselves on being the only stained glass company prepared to take the time to come to your home and work with you to develop custom stained or leaded glass designs that fit seamlessly into your home’s style. Our designers have the experience and expertise to listen to your needs and design something that is both functional and beautiful.

Bathroom Stained Glass

Incorporating stained glass into the bathroom of your Houston home can be beneficial for both practical and aesthetic reasons. In practical terms, stained glass can help protect the privacy of your guests and family. Especially if your bathroom windows are situated in an area where they’re easily visible to your neighbors, stained glass can be an exceptionally useful addition. However, bathroom stained glass is not solely limited to window. Some of the other areas that our clients choose to add stained glass to their bathroom are cabinets, shower doors, interior doors, and transoms.

At Scottish Stained Glass Houston, we use a special process for creating bathroom stained glass windows that prevents moisture from building up within the glass. We refer to this as our SIG (sealed in glass) method. The stained glass panel is inserted between two pieces of low-e safety glass for moisture and accident protection. Not only does it make the windows easier to clean, but it also keeps your bathroom windows fully functioning, which is especially useful windows that operate by sliding a single panel. Whatever your needs, be them specific architectural needs or design preferences, rest assured that our artisans will be able to accomodate you.

Entryway & Sidelight Stained Glass

Entryway and stained glass make beautiful additions to both newer and historic homes in Houston. In historic neighborhoods like Montrose, the Heights, and Norhil, the antique look of stained glass allows it to beautifully compliment older architectural styles like colonial homes and brick houses. For newer homes, stained glass looks equally as beautiful, and can be created to match more modern looks. Beveled and clear stained glass windows are especially popular choices for newer properties.

Both functionality and beauty make stained glass an exceptional choice for entryway doors, sidelights, and transoms. Stained glass can help add just the right amount of privacy to your home’s entryway to keep your family and personal belongings hidden from the public without blocking out the beautiful Texas sun and scenery. With stained glass, you can still gaze out your windows and enjoy the peaceful views of your garden and the foliage in your front yard. At Scottish, we can even create a custom door to encase your entryway stained glass installation.

Transom Stained & Leaded Glass

Transoms windows serve a functional purpose in a home by providing a way for natural light to enter the room. These windows, usually located above entryway doors or the uppermost portion of a wall, are common for many homes in the Houston area. In practical terms, transoms are great, but as far as design goes, more times than not, they lack visual appeal. Furthermore, sometimes the view they provide is less than stellar, especially if they’re located on a wall that’s adjacent to your neighbor’s home, and open up to nothing but a patch of blank sky or a brick wall.

Replacing the flat glass in your transom windows is a great way to heighten the aesthetic appeal to your home. Transom stained glass draws the eye upward, making the ceiling look higher and the room appear larger. Additionally, transom stained glass on the lower level of your home can protect your family’s privacy if your house is located next to a two story home.

Bedroom, Basement & Hallway Stained Glass

In you’re looking for a way to enhance the look of your bedroom, stained glass can make an excellent addition. In bedrooms, stained glass creates creates a look of old world elegance and is reminiscent of architectural styles adopted by the affluent population back during ancient European times. Substituting stained glass for flat glass in your bedroom windows can create a very sophisticated, upscale look and also create privacy for your home.

Similarly, basement and hallway windows also provide an opportunity for incorporating stained glass in your interior design. Hanging stained glass panels, windows, and lights, are perfect for basement bars, guest rooms, and entertainment rooms. In corridors and hallways where privacy is an issue, or decorative design is challenging, stained glass can provide a solution.

Kitchen, Cabinet & Wine Cellar Stained Glass

Adding a stained glass window to your kitchen can make your dining area look glamorous and set the tone for all your special occasions. Our company can work with your existing cabinetry to create stained glass inserts that break up the wood material of your cabinets and make your kitchen look stunning. Not only does this help to conceal cabinet clutter, but it also is a great way to display any special glassware, antique tools, or china that you may have.

Or if your home has a wine cellar, stained glass interior doors are an excellent choice. Our artisans can create a unique design for your wine cellar stained glass that incorporates nature themed elements or even grapevine patterns. Adding stained glass to your wine cellar can help separate the area from the rest of your home. Not to mention, it’s a great way to impress your friends and guests when you take them on a tour.

Stained Glass for Houston Churches & Temples

For over twenty-five years, Scottish Stained Glass has been Houston’s leading source for religious stained glass windows and art. Stained glass has played a prominent role in establishing the identity of churches, cathedrals, and religious buildings across the world for centuries. In Houston, historic religious stained glass windows can be seen all throughout the downtown area as well as the Heights, Montrose, and other older neighborhoods.

In a religious setting stained glass acts as more than just a piece of decoration. It’s a way to embody the religious values and beliefs that your church has and to share your ideals with others. By adding stained glass accents to your altar, a stained glass ceiling, or ecclesial stained glass windows, you can bring joy and beauty to the members of your congregation.

Houston Commercial Stained Glass

Stand out from the crowd, create a high end look for your store, and impress your customers with a stained glass panel or window for your commercial property. Stained glass signs, hanging panels, and family crests are a great way to create a vintage, elegant look in a hotel, restaurant, or retail store. For pubs and bars, four leaf clover and Celtic designs are particularly popular. In hotels, a cleaner, more versatile look like clear beveled or leaded glass is usually preferred, though some hotels do choose to opt for something more stylistic like prairie stained glass.

Whatever your preferences, the experts at Scottish Stained Glass can bring your vision to life. We frequently partner with Houston business owners on commercial projects involving custom stained glass signs, restaurant stained glass, and retail stained glass. Whether you need custom stained glass panels designed, replaced, or repaired, give Scottish Stained Glass a call today to see what we can do for you.

Our Process

Once we come into your Houston area home, we create a custom glass design that takes into account your preferences, the existing architectural features of the home, as well as any functional requirements you might desire from the windows. For example many of our clients desire privacy but still would like to have light coming in to a particular room in their home. Leaded glass in the perfect solution to achieve this.

We complete a well tested design process for your stained glass designs, showing you a rough sketch, CAD drawing, Photoshop mockup, and finally actual glass samples to ensure that the window you want is the window you get. Only once you have decided on the window design do we undertake the process of actually building it. Our master stained glass craftsman build all of our stained glass here locally in Houston and then schedule an installation at your home.

Almost all our installation work is carried out free of charge anywhere in the Houston metro area. We have various installation methods depending on the circumstances but one of the most popular choices in Houston is to seal the stained glass or leaded glass between 2 panes of tempered clear glass. This method is particularly used in bathrooms and makes it very easy to keep the windows clean. Our special section on installation explains all the choices in more detail and our installer will visit your home prior to the manufacture of the glass to ensure you fully understand the process and options.

Scottish Stained Glass for Houston Homes

Scottish Stained Glass offers a wide variety of stained glass services for Houston homeowners. We custom design and manufacture all different types and styles of stained glass and have a team of qualified professionals who can securely install the completed panel in your home. Stained glass makes a beautiful addition to both remodels and newly constructed homes and offers many enjoyable benefits included added privacy, beauty, and a higher home resale value.

There are many different routes you can take for incorporating stained glass into your home’s architecture. Try adding a colorful stained glass window to create a unique, contemporary look in your kitchen or opt for a traditional design to create a high end look for the front entrance of your home. Whatever your style or preference, our team is here to help make your dream home come true. From historic homes in downtown Houston to beach bungalows in the Galveston area, we have the ability to work on homes of all architectural styles and ages.

Scottish Stained Glass Types & Styles for Houston

Part of what makes our company different is that the works we produce are one of a kind. Our stained glass is completely custom, and designed based on the needs of the home and client it is intended for. The benefit of this is not only do you get to dictate all the various aspects of your stained glass, but also that there will be no stained glass window in the world that is exactly like yours; your art is totally and completely unique.

If there is a particular design that you have in mind, we will be more than happy to work with you to bring your ideas to fruition. Or, if you’re interested in something modeled after a certain style of art, we can produce a variety of types of stained glass. For homes in the River Oaks and Independence Heights area, more modern styles are usually preferred, whereas our clients located in Alameda and Southampton, more traditional looks are appropriate and in vogue. Whatever your needs, we will be more than happy to accomodate you.

frank lloyd wright inspired stained glass denver

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Scottish Stained Glass is proud to serve the entire Houston metro area. Some of the neighborhoods we frequently work in include Midtown, North Houston, River Oaks, Meyerland, Kingwood, Independence Heights, and Uptown. If you are interested in obtaining a stained glass window for your Houston church, home, or building, please contact our office.


Contact us today to schedule your appointment or call 303.766.3811.


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