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Elegant San Antonio Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to have been the premier stained glass studio in San Antonio, Texas for over 25 years. Elegant and timeless, our stained and leaded glass panels make an excellent addition to both modern and historic homes and buildings in San Antonio, providing an exquisite beauty that completes the look of any architectural facet. Whether you’re looking for an antique stained glass window for your church or home in Midtown or are seeking a modern solution to add privacy to the entryway or bathroom for your home in Alamo Heights or Terrell Hills, our team of dedicated artisans and craftsman are prepared to go to work to make your dream come true.

Scottish Stained Glass will come to your home and design your stained glass FREE of charge. It’s the ultimate in service. We even offer evening and weekend appointments for those who are busy or working during normal business hours. Apart from the convenience factor, the benefit of the in-home design service is that our designers get to see your design style and the architecture of your home and then can work with you to create the perfect stained glass or leaded glass panel.

San Antonio, Texas is a city with rich history, vibrant art, and unique culture. The neighborhoods, which spread out and surround the downtown area, range from eclectic to traditional, historical to contemporary, and luxurious to trendy. No matter what San Antonio neighborhood your home is in, Scottish Stained Glass can create a unique piece of art for your residence that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. All of our stained and leaded glass windows are custom-designed which makes it possible to reflect both you and your home’s distinctive style. With so many of our newer homes looking the same in the suburbs of San Antonio, stained glass can make your home stand out yet stay true to its original integrity.

Bathroom Stained Glass


Though stained glass is certainly remarkable for its beauty, it’s also a practical architectural asset as well to have for your home for the purpose of creating privacy. It can be a very useful feature to have in the bathroom of your home for closing off the areas where you feel your privacy may be compromised, such as windows and shower enclosures. Additionally, it can help conceal the medications and personal items you have in your medicine cabinet and cupboards, and also makes your space look tidy by making clutter less visible.


At Scottish Stained Glass, we can create any type, shape, or style of bathroom stained glass for your San Antonio home. If your bathroom is designed in a nautical theme or an old world vintage look, we can create a window that compliments your existing decor beautifully. Or if you’re looking for something more contemporary such as beveled glass or a leaded glass window, we can also assist with this as well. The skill set of our team is diverse and extensive, which gives us the ability to produce a wide range of bathroom stained glass designs, ranging from contemporary to classic.

Entryway & Sidelight Stained Glass

Entryways and sidelights are among the most popular locations for placing stained glass. There are a few reasons for this. First, the entrance of your home is the first thing your guests see, so decorating it in a beautiful fashion is important for creating a positive impression. It can also set the mood for your gatherings, and create a very desirable ambiance. Secondly, an entryway is the focal point of the exterior of your home, and one of its most prominent architectural features. For this reason, paying attention to how your entryway looks is important for improving the curb appeal of your home.

Additionally, stained glass also creates a sort of balanced privacy for your entrance. No one wants to feel exposed to their neighbors, and stained glass is a good way of concealing your home and your privacy in a discreet and stylish fashion. It provides some level of visual interruption, but does not block the flow of light or create an unwelcoming feeling the way that matte curtains or blinds do.

Transom Stained & Leaded Glass

Stained glass looks stunning in both transom windows that stand alone or transoms located above larger windows and doors. Next to flat glass, transom stained glass creates an eye catching contrast. However, when used in conjunction with stained glass sidelights or an entryway window, it can create a very dramatic effect that is quite alluring.

Some of our most popular designs for transom stained glass for our San Antonio clients include beveled leaded and stained glass windows, celtic knot designs, and prairie style stained glass. However, floral and contemporary styles can also create a unique look for transom windows, and are especially beautiful if your home is already decorated in this fashion. Whatever your tastes and preferences, our team will be happy to work with you to create a beautiful look for the transoms of your home.

Bedroom, Basement & Hallway Stained Glass

Working in the home improvement industry, we are well familiar with the design challenges that come from decorating basements and hallway areas. Often, these rooms are unique because they have some aesthetic flaws or lack originality. Stained glass offers a solution to both of these cases. Not only can it help conceal defects like unattractive window wells, but it can bring a touch of elegance to areas lacking in aesthetics.

In addition to basements and hallways, we can also create striking stained glass windows for bedrooms as well. The old world look of stained glass makes it perfect for bedrooms that are decorated in vintage fashion. Stained glass lights, interior doors, and windows are all popular selections for enhancing bedroom decor.

Kitchen, Cabinet & Wine Cellar Stained Glass

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Not only is it the place where you spend time making delicious nutritious food for your family, it’s also where you spend time entertaining your guests and making memories. With stained glass, you can give yourself the kitchen of your dreams and add a beautiful work of art to your home to inspire your inner chef.

Stained glass looks beautiful in various areas of the kitchen, including cabinets, pantry doors, hutches, and windows. By replacing wood doors with stained glass inserts, you can add variety and texture to your kitchen design. Cabinet stained glass provides an easy way to brighten up ordinary storage areas like cabinets and pantries. By adding a couple of lights, antique objects, or glassware, you can create a remarkable display case. Other areas of your kitchen you may want to consider are lighting, windows on side walls, transoms, wine cellar windows, and doorways.

Stained Glass for San Antonio Churches & Temples

Stained glass has long been a part of San Antonio’s culture and history mainly due to its presence in the city’s many hundred year old churchesand cathedrals. Here at Scottish Stained Glass we’ve had the pleasuring of working with religious board members and leaders on many stained glass restoration projects for San Antonio’s historically prominent churches as well as new constructions. Our artisans are experts at designing and manufacturing stained glass and are able to produce a wide variety of religious themed designs including images of the Virgin Mary, the life of Jesus Christ, Biblical scenes and portraits, as well as religious symbolism pertaining to denominations other than Christianity.

Stained glass can be incorporated into a church’s architecture in a variety of ways. While some churches may be interested in using stained glass for practical purposes such as light and privacy, others may want to use stained glass simply to give their church aesthetic appeal. At Scottish Stained Glass, we encourage our clients to be creative when it comes to their stained glass designs. We assure you that whatever your vision, our artists have the talent and skill to achieve it. Some of the most common requests that we receive for stained glass from churches and religious sites in San Antonio include sanctuary stained glass windows, altar furniture, chapel and prayer room stained glass, and stained glass crosses, lights, and hanging panels.

San Antonio Commercial Stained Glass

In many cases, business owners choose to use stained glass to enhance the look of their commercial property. There are a variety of ways this can be accomplished and making the choice to add stained glass to your building can be a worthwhile investment due to the additional business you may receive. For example, hotel and restaurant owners often opt for elaborate works such as stained glass ceilings and domes to create a dramatic effect that attracts tourists and makes their building look like an appealing place to host a wedding, party, or gathering. However, simple additions such as a sign or stained glass lights can also create an alluring effect and produce a very upscale appearance that customers enjoy.

Scottish Stained Glass is always happy to partner with business owners in the San Antonio area on their commercial property remodels and construction. In the past, we’ve created beautiful stained glass ceilings, lamps, and custom signs for many hotels, restaurants, museums, and retail stores in the San Antonio area. Our commercial clients tell us all the time how their guests comment on the beautiful stained glass windows we’ve made for them and what a beautiful addition they make their building. If you’re interested in obtaining a stained glass window or panel for your business, please contact our office.

In-Home Consultations for San Antonio Stained Glass Clients

Though the process of installing stained glass may seem like a complicated endeavor, our team makes it a simple, straightforward process. We begin each project with an in-home consultation. We find this initial meeting as beneficial to us as it is to our clients. Not only does it allow us to gain a better understanding of your goals, but it also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and gain the insight and advice of professionals who are experts in their field.

Consultations can vary from one client to the next depending on one’s level of comfort and familiarity. For example, some individuals know exactly what they want before a consultation, where others are open to recommendations. However, usually during a consultation, a portfolio of work is shown and some rough sketches are produced.

Our Process

Scottish Stained Glass isn’t just the name of our business, its also our unique method of manufacturing stained and leaded glass which produces the highest quality finish on the lead and an attention to fine detail which cannot be found anywhere else. We are very proud to say that all the stained and leaded glass panels installed in San Antonio are made locally here in Texas by our wonderful staff of experienced American artisans.

At Scottish Stained Glass we have developed unique installation methods for every possible situation. These are more fully explained in our “Installation” page but briefly our most popular method of installing glass is the bonding method. This involves leaving in the existing clear glass and bonding the stained glass on the inside of your home. The finished result is quite remarkable and the clear glass outside is invisible from the inside but acts to protect the stained glass and insulate your home.

Scottish Stained Glass for San Antonio Homes

Stained glass and leaded glass can be applied to entryways, bathrooms and transoms for privacy but it can also be used in many areas of the home where there is not the need for privacy. We have installed many of our stained glass pieces in kitchens, both in windows and in cabinets. Stained glass in your kitchen cabinets is a great way to lighten a kitchen while incorporating unique works of art. Homes in San Antonio will often have an interior office with glass doors or a space in a wall which joins between 2 rooms. Basement windows are another practical yet interesting location to apply stained glass. Natural light is important in basements, but often times there are unattractive views of window wells that you want to avoid. Stained glass will allow that natural light to keep coming into the space while replacing the unpleasant view with a beautiful, customized piece. Wine room doors are another area which can look spectacular with the addition of stained glass. Play the video above and get more ideas for enhancing your home with Scottish Stained glass.

Scottish Stained Glass Types & Styles for San Antonio

Although all of our stained glass windows are custom made and designed, there are several general genres that have influenced and inspired some of our pieces in the past. We have created stained and leaded glass windows that are traditional, contemporary, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright and his Prairie style, Celtic inspired, Floral, Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired and many other styles including Mission. Whatever your personal design preference may be, Scottish Stained Glass can reflect it in the window’s design. This may be dictated by the architecture of your San Antonio home or your homes interior design. As we know the variety of home styles in San Antonio requires that we have the ability to coordinate your glass designs in many different forms to blend and enhance the appearance of your home. Over the years Scottish Stained Glass has designed more than 40,000 leaded and stained glass panels. Our unique computer design service allows us to show you how your glass will look even before it is made.

When choosing the types of glass that will be used in your stained or leaded glass window or door panel our clients always ask the question “color or no color?” The answer will be different for every client. 70% of our clients in San Antonio will choose to have their leaded glass made with beveled cut glass pieces and no color where the other 30% will choose to add some color. When you look at the photos on this page you will see only 2 which have color. The others use beveled cut glass pieces and colorless textured glass.

frank lloyd wright inspired stained glass denver

Proudly Serving the San Antonio Area

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Scottish Stained Glass serves San Antonio as well as the entire state of Texas including Corpus Christi, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. The designers at Scottish Stained Glass will work with you to design high-quality, striking stained glass windows. Our extensive and thorough design process allows us to communicate with you over the phone, through mail, and via computers as well as in person. No matter your location, all of these steps ensure that your custom stained glass window design and installation process goes smoothly. We look forward to working with you on your stained glass project soon!


Contact us today to schedule your appointment or call 303.766.3811.


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