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Scottish Stained Glass Grant Funding for Special Projects

At Scottish Stained Glass, we often come across fantastic project ideas that will preserve old antique stained glass that might otherwise be lost. Many times, these are larger projects involving windows for a church or restoration of beautiful antique stained glass windows. Owners Martin and Gillian Faith have set aside grant funds to help fulfill some these special projects. As Martin explains “I love old antique stained glass. Over the years I’ve collected hundreds of pieces, but much of the glass made in the USA 80-100 years ago is just getting to the stage where it either needs to be restored immediately or the warping of the lead will lead to cracks in the glass and a situation that will make the windows difficult or impossible to restore. It breaks my heart to see some of this work being lost forever so my wife and I set up a fund to try and help with the historical preservation of stained glass”

Restoration Projects with Scottish

The process of repairing, restoring, or matching antique stained glass can be difficult, but it is possible. At times, however, restoration can be time consuming, and antique pieces often take a great deal of work to fully repair or match. While these projects are rare, we take great pride in our ability to truly bring a piece back to its original beauty, which is why we will occasionally offer these grants to help bring your piece of history back to life. As the largest glass studio of our kind in the country, we have access to a vast selection of glass types, and we are almost always able to match antique styles that are needed for a true restoration of a historical piece of glass. For restorations only, we are even willing to consider some historic residential pieces for this supplemental grant.

Church Projects with Scottish

The other type of project which may be eligible for grant funding is a large church project. Stained glass can be used in several ways throughout any church, and many of these facilities come to life with the addition of custom leaded glass windows. Churches also more commonly require larger leaded glass windows stylistically to fill larger spaces such as sanctuaries. Martin and Gillian Faith want to help you bring out the true beauty of your church

If you feel that you have a stained glass window project that may qualify for our assistance grant, please contact us today. Martin and Gillian Faith will be happy to review your project, and discuss the options with you to have your windows restored or built with Scottish Stained Glass!





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