Our 10 Favorite Cathedrals with Stained Glass

10 cathedrals stained glass

Stained glass windows are beautiful works of art that lend exquisite beauty to any space. Originally, stained glass was used to depict biblical stories and inspire members. Today, this tradition lives on in modern churches, temples, and cathedrals. Below, weve shared our top ten favorite cathedral stained glass windows.


Top Ten Cathedral Stained Glass Windows

Cathedral architecture and infrastructure are rife with symbolism, and stained glass windows play a key role. Lets explore our top ten choices from churches around the world:

Stained Glass Sainte Chapelle

1. Sainte-Chapelle

Sainte-Chapelle in France has beautiful stained glass work that adds to the beauty of this royal chapel.

2. Santurio Dom Bosco

Brazils Santurio Dom Bosco has enchanting blue and purple stained window glasses that lend it a unique look.

york minster stained glass window

3. York Minster Cathedral

Designed by John Thornton, the York Minster features an intense depiction of the coming apocalypse, all rendered in stained glass.

4. Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Sebastian

The Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Sebastian is in Rio de Janeiro and has four remarkable 200-feet stained glass windows.

5. The Unity Temple

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, this church is an excellent example of an abstract glass composition. It has 25 stained glass windows in earth tones which allude to the beauty of nature.

6. Brown Memorial Church

The white and blue cathedral stained glass windows in this church are absolutely stunning.

cathedral brasilia stained glass

7. Cathedral of Braslia

The windows in this Brazilian cathedral are made with square-foot stained glass work. It features waves of blue, green, white, and brown glass.

8. Vence Chapel

Vence Chapel has sunny yellow, deep green, and bright blue stained glass windows. Theyre reminiscent of the natural wonders of Southern France.

9. Grossmnster Zrich

This German wonder is known for its unique architectural composition. The stained glass windows are an enchanting work of art that depicts the artists interest in religion, transformation, and alchemy.

10. Augsburg Cathedral

This Cathedral in Germany perfectly represents ancient artwork of stained glass window films from Rome.


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