3 Stunning Examples of Entryway Stained Glass in Kansas City

You’ve seen all kinds of custom doors, welcome mats, and cute decorations. But nothing makes as much of an impact on an entryway as stained glass. Whether you’re looking to add some privacy or increase your curb appeal, entryway stained glass for your Kansas City home is a beautiful choice. To help you feel inspired, we’ve shared some of our favorite examples below!


What Makes Entryway Stained Glass Special?

Every home has an entryway. But not every entryway has stained glass. Entryway stained glass is a unique feature that can add instant curb appeal and value to your home. It looks stunning and is a surefire to impress your visitors and neighbors.

And not only will it set your home apart from the rest on the block, but it also offers many practical benefits too such as:

  • Increased privacy and heightened security
  • More natural light for your front room or interior
  • Visual protection from solicitors
  • Adds variety to otherwise plain-looking wood doors
  • Great substitute for blinds and curtains


3 Stunning Entryways Featuring Stained Glass

If you like the idea of adding stained glass to your entryway, but aren’t sure where to start, we can help! The first thing we recommend doing is taking a look at some examples for inspiration. This will give you a good starting point and help you figure out what features you like and which ones you don’t care for. It also gives your designer an idea of your aesthetic preferences.

Here are some examples of entryway stained glass for your Kansas City home:

kansas city entryway stained glass

1. Leaded Glass Door with Sidelights
Here is a beautiful example of a leaded glass entryway made with colorless glass.

kansas city entryway stained glass

2. Mission Stained Glass
This Mission Stained Glass insert added instant style and personality to this otherwise plain-looking white door.

kansas city stained glass entryway

3. Sidelight Stained Glass

Having strangers peer into your sidelights can be unsettling. These stained glass panels provide the perfect amount of privacy without blocking light.


Upgrade to a Stained Glass Entryway

Call us today to learn more about the benefits of entryway stained glass for your Kansas City home!

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