America’s Most Amazing Church Stained Glass Part 1: The Air Force Academy’s Cadet Chapel In Colorado Springs

Church Stained Glass: An American Artform

Church stained glass is something ubiquitous to churches and American Churches are no different. This country has some of the most beautiful stained glass chapels, churches, mosques, and synagogue in the world. As church stained glass restoration experts, we have a deep appreciation for these churches and the breathtaking artform their windows embody. As such, we are profiling some of the most amazing pieces of religious stained glass across this great country, in hopes of showing just how rich, diverse and valuable to this nation’s religious and art history church stained glass windows are.

The Cadet Chapel at The Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs

Easily the most striking building in the entire campus and arguably all of Colorado, The Cadet Chapel at The Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs, is a wonder to behold. A masterpiece of church stained glass it has an incredible succession of 17 glass and aluminum spires — each composed of 100 tetrahedrons, which make up the entire enclosure of the entire ceiling. Each of these spire as it were, is adorned with panels of incredibly bold and glowing stained glass–giving way to a rainbow of ethereal light. enabling diffused light to enter the building. Although most known for the stained glass in it’s Protestant chapel, the Air Force Academy actually houses three chapels: Protestant, Jewish, and Catholic– each with unique and amazing stained glass in their respective chapels.

Church Stained Glass: An Art Form And Our Passion

The fact that the Air Force Academy has a diversity of stained glass from different faiths just goes to reinforce just how intertwined stained glass is to religious culture. Just another reason why we love stained glass as an art form. At Scottish Stained Glass In Colorado Springs, we are truly pleased that each day, we are doing our part to keep lovely stained glass windows, like these and others, intact for the next generation. As we restore and create new windows, we can only hope that one day, others will work to preserve our work too! For more information on church stained glass restoration here in Colorado Springs or around the country, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!


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