Exploring Modern Examples of Stained Glass Around the World

Stained glass has been around for centuries offering a versatile medium for artists to showcase unique pieces of art. Recent stained glass pieces feature a more modern usage of this diverse medium often complimenting the architecture it’s found in. Pieces of colored glass can be incorporated in the most unique ways to create colorful prisms throughout properties. Exploring different, modern creations with stained glass around the world can be truly inspiring and offer some creative opportunities.

Modern Stained Glass Pieces from Around the Globe

Colorful stained glass pieces can be strategically placed throughout a building in order to illuminate certain areas of your home or business. This adds pops of color that can brighten your property up from the outside while breaking up the white space inside. Colorful stained glass creates beautiful prisms whenever natural or manmade light hits it, offering an array of colors that bounce throughout the walls and floors of your property. These colorful glass pieces can also be used for entire facades of a building or for any patio or outdoor feature. The textured nature of stained glass obscures unwanted views in while still maintaining significant light transmissions. Stained glass can be used in several ways to complement your decor or as a centerpiece for the entire property.

Custom Stained Glass Services for Your Home or Business

Scottish Stained Glass is the industry leader in custom stained glass providing beautiful, modern features for homes and businesses across the nation! We’ve been inspired by the trend of modern stained glass throughout the globe as well and would love the opportunity to create such stunning, unique pieces for your property. Whether you’re interested in a smaller stained glass piece or a large, eye-catching centerpiece, we’ve got you covered.

For more information regarding modern stained glass ideas for your property, please contact us!

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