America’s Most Amazing Stained Glass Part 5: Prince of Peace Episcopal Church In Fort Collins

Historic Church Stained Glass Restoration In Fort Collins

Many of the churches and especially church stained glass restorations we have profiled here are on large looming windows in spectacularly adorned churches. But stained glass windows can be worth restoring in chapels even if they are small and seem insignificant. A church that reminds us that what you see is not what always what lies beneath years of dirt and grim on vintage church stained glass is the lovely but simple restoration of Prince of Peace Episcopal church near Fort Collins, Colorado in a little place called Sterling. A shining example of a community coming together to restore a church that means something to them. The results of this church stained glass restoration are amazing and you truly wouldn’t know the stained glass they ended up with was ever so bold and brilliant–but truly it was a tiny masterpiece.


Stained Glass Church Restoration In Fort Collins: A Community Affair

It took over three years to restore the historic stained glass window in Sterling’s Prince of Peace Episcopal Church really got underway. There was a fair amount of bowing and crumbling wooden tracery that held the stained glass pieces in place. But, after a grant Colorado State Historical Fund in 2013 and then another one in 2015, and then a final grant a bit later, the 100-year-old window created by renowned regional artisan Carl Reichhardt of Greeley, came back to life and was once even featured on “Craftsman’s Legacy — The Stained Glassmakers”, a PBS  TV series.


Church Stained Glass And Restoration Near You In Fort Collins

While it may have taken years to get the stained glass windows on this church where they needed to be and in a condition to last another 100 years, it was well worth the effort. This restoration was in large part possible due to historical grants and people, who like us at Scottish Stained Glass in Fort Collins, believe religious stained glass is worth preserving. Each day here at Scottish Stained Glass In, we feel lucky that we get to do amazing work to keep stained glass artwork alive for the next generation. As we restore church windows and create new ones, it is also our hope, that one day our works of art will be kept up and restored too! For more information on church stained glass restoration here in Fort Collins, around the state of Colorado or across the US, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!

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