Fort Collins Religious Stained Glass Repair: Where to Begin?

fort collins stained glass repair

Damage and deterioration are common issues with stained glass. Glass is, after all, a fragile substance. It’s common for many stained glass owners to encounter some situation in which repairs or restoration are necessary.

Regular maintenance and routine inspection are important for preserving your stained glass window. If you suspect that your Fort Collins church many need religious stained glass repair, it’s best to consult a professional.

How to Inspect Stained Glass for Deterioration

There are, however, some steps you can take on your own to evaluate the condition of the glass. This may help you gain an understanding of the severity of the issues at hand and identify possible safety concerns.

stained glass deterioration

The best thing to do is to conduct an inspection. Stand beneath the window and gaze upward. Do you see any metal bars or pieces of glass that look odd or disfigured? Is any of the glass cracked, bowed, or discolored? If so, it’s likely that your stained glass is in need of professional repair.

What to Expect for Stained Glass Repair

Knowing what to expect for the repair process can help you keep informed and inform other members of your church about the changes that will be happening to the building. You may have to move activities to different areas of the church during various phases of the project, or perhaps not at all if the repairs can be done with minimal invasion.

Most glass repair companies are very conservative when it comes to making repairs. The goal is to preserve as much of the original glass as possible. Gentle cleaners and minimally invasive techniques are key.

At Scottish, we begin every repair and restoration with an onsite consultation. During this time, we’ll brief you on what to expect for the process from the very first phase where the stained glass is removed up until completion when it is reinstalled.

Contact Scottish in Fort Collins for Religious Stained Glass Repair

Do you have a stained glass window in your church that has been damaged by hail or an accident? Is your stained glass showing signs of deterioration? Call Scottish Stained Glass in Fort Collins for religious stained glass repair! We’ll help restore your stained glass to its original beauty so your church can continue to enjoy it for several years longer!

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