America’s Most Amazing Church Stained Glass Part 6: Trinity Lutheran Church To Dallas Love Airport

Repurposing Church Stained Glass Windows

As stained glass restorers here in Texas, our goal is always to get a beautiful stained glass, rich with history returned to its former glory within the church itself.  As it turns out, sometimes church stained glass is not able to be restored in the church itself–in cases where the church is being torn down. A good example of this is the stained glass that once adorned the Trinity Lutheran in Old East Dallas. To the people in the Dallas community, the glass, although old and tarnished, held a deep spot in their hearts and we could not be happier what the city of Dallas City cultural officials chose to do with it.

Stained Glass Church Restoration and Relocation In Fort Worth

In 2013 when the Trinity Lutheran Church in Old East Dallas was being demolished, city officials announced a surprising plan–to repurpose and restore the glass. The magnificent blue and turquoise panels, created by DALLAS ARTIST OCTAVIO MEDELLIN were removed from the church and restored by Michael Van Enter to their former luster but, since the church was no longer standing, the glass instead was suspended in four sections in front of ticketing hall windows ticketing at Dallas Love Field airport.  Now, this lovely church glass has a whole new lease on life and one the entire community can enjoy.

Church Stained Glass In Dallas For All Walks Of Life

Due to the forethought of some civic-minded people in Dallas, St Lutheran’s church stained glass has a whole new lease on life and one the entire community can enjoy. While the glass is not exactly the same and perhaps lost some of its ethereal qualities, it still brings beauty and joy to the world, while in its own way preserving history.  

Stained Glass Preservation For The All To Enjoy

Each day here at Scottish Stained Glass, we feel amazed that our job is to do similar work keeping stained glass artwork alive for the next generation.  As we restore church windows and create new ones, it is also our hope, that one day our creations will get the same preservation for decades to come. For more information on church stained glass restoration here in Fort Worth, around the state of Texas or across the US, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!  

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