Which Style Stained Glass Works For Your Grand Junction Neighborhood

Stained glass a home improvement that almost every homeowner would love to make but often times is one they put off or hesitate on because they just don’t know what kind of stained glass will go well with their home. Call it a lack of knowledge or just a need for inspiration but people often don’t know just how many varieties of stained glass designs available to them through prolific stained glass companies, like Scottish Stained Glass. Here in our expert design studio, we have an abundance of colors, textures and designs styles to suit every single home here in Grand Junction. So, if stained glass is something you have been thinking about for your home here in Grand Junction, check out the stained glass we think would go well in your home based on which neighborhood you live in.

Stained Glass In Grand Junction Neighborhoods

Modern Stained Glass: Urban and sophisticated Redlands is a lovely Grand Junction that is sure to delight. There are both old and new homes in the area but more and more restorations are popping up every day. This makes Redlands the perfect place for stained glass that is modern and/or timeless. This means abstract stained glass will work as well as something classic like mid-century modern Frank Llyod Wright inspired to bring in clean lines with a hint of vintage flair.


Vintage Stained Glass: Appleton is a wonderful place to raise a family and live a happy quiet life in Grand Junction. While there are many new homes where there are mostly older homes with a ton of charming character. Vintage stained glass is the perfect fit for Appleton and homeowners here would do well to choose from styles like Greene And Greene and MacIntosh.


Textured Stained Glass:  City Center, is the downtown area of Grand Junction and although it is quiet and safe–it is right in the middle of town meaning. For homes in the City Center neighborhood, textured stained glass is perfect for adding a bit of privacy to sidelight windows and bathroom windows. These keep prying eyes out but still let in an abundance of natural light.

As we said, there is truly an abundance of stained glass styles for any home in the Grand Junction area and finding one that fits you is only a click away! Contact us at Scottish Stained Glass to find out more about stained glass styles that fit your home today!

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