Greene and Greene Style Stained Glass For Your Fort Collins Home

Most people haven’t heard of Greene and Greene but almost has seen it. The Greene brothers had a classic and unmistakable style that often referenced nature. They spoke to people’s sense of unity with nature–which is why you see so much of their work in here in Fort Collins–where nature abounds. Their work is easy to pick out and as far as stained glass is concerned, easy to match with almost any home. From modern to craftsman the Greene and Greene style is a perfect fit and something worth considering for stained glass in your Fort Collins home.

Characteristics of Greene and Greene Stained Glass

As we mentioned, Greene and Greene’s stained glass has a distinct appearance. The brothers often focused on nature and incorporated such subjects as flowers, trees, and vines into their work. There is a subtle Asian influence in their work, which comes from the time they spent in California. One gorgeous feature they were prone to using was copper foil–it created a wonderful iridescent effect to their work.   

Why Install Greene and Greene Will Work In Your Fort Collins Home

Greene and Greene stained glass is an incredibly popular request we get from our customers here in Fort Collins. Which is not surprising–since people here tend to be outdoorsy. Here at Scottish, we like to use warm copper and sage colors in our Greene and Greene recreations–which tends to match most Colorado home. Furthermore, no matter what room you put a Greene and Greene window in–it will be a show stopper. This style window is a great conversation starter and will age incredibly well. Since this style stained glass window has endured almost a century–it is sure to be in vogue well into the next. 

Fort Collins’ Stained Glass Experts

Making stained glass is something we, at Scottish Stained Glass, excel at. When working in the style of such great masters, you must be a master yourself–and we are! Which is why Scottish should be your stained glass company of choice. We have over 25 years of experience and a wide body of work for your review. Our windows are not only beautiful but durable as well. Two qualities you need in a stained glass window. Contact us and allow us to set up a free design consultation for you and get started on a Greene and Greene masterpiece for your home today!

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