How to Care for Stained Glass in Kansas City Homes, Churches, or Hotels

Many Kansas City property owners have beautiful stained glass features housed within their homes, churches, or hotels. Stained glass can really be stunning and eye-catching when properly taken care of and maintained. Since stained glass differs from other windows and glass mediums, it’s vital for property owners to understand proper care techniques in order to really highlight the unique beauty of these features.

Proper Stained Glass Care and Techniques for Your Kansas City Home, Church, or Hotel

Scottish Stained Glass highly recommends not using any commercial window or glass cleaners when cleaning any stained glass. Commercial window and glass cleaners typically contain harsh chemicals and abrasive components that can expedite the deterioration process for stained glass– especially the lead came that structurally holds the window or panels together. Utilizing a blend of neutral-pH soap and warm water can really make a difference in maintaining your stained glass’ structural integrity, prolonging its good condition and structure. This is also effective in cleaning and providing an optically clear look that is stunning and eye-catching. Regular cleaning is vital to maintaining your Kansas City stained glass. We also recommend examining your stained glass for any signs of deterioration on a regular basis.

Stained Glass Restoration for Kansas City Homes, Churches, and Hotels

Examining your stained glass regularly allows you to see any qualities of deterioration. These signs can range from white dust appearing on the surface to concave/convex shaped glass pieces. If you witness any of these symptoms of deterioration, that means your stained glass is ready for restoration. Timely restoration is vital before any irreversible damage is done. Our acclaimed restoration process can even add another century to your stained glass’ life before it’s ready for its next restoration.

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