How To Incorporate Stained Glass Into Your Salt Lake City Home Remodel

Stained Glass For The Perfect Salt Lake City Remodel

For those remodeling their Salt Lake City homes, now is a great time to add stained glass. However, if you are like many other people we, at Scottish Stained Glass, have consulted with you are not quite sure how to incorporate stained glass into your home. We have some good news for you though– incorporating stained glass into your home is easy and goes beautifully with any style of home. Below we have listed some tips on how to incorporate stained glass in your Salt Lake City home so you can make the best decision on what is right for your style.

Stained Glass Tip 1: Stained Glass Does Not Have To Be Old Fashioned Looking

A lot of people think stained glass is a thing of the past and goes well only in churches and vintage homes. However, the truth of the matter is, stained glass can be as old or as modern looking as you would like. For those with newer homes or those fixing up older home to give them a modern feel, there are a ton of modern stained glass looks out there and at Scottish we are happy to use them as inspiration for your glass–just send us a picture of modern glass you like and we will create a classically inspired masterpiece just for you.

Stained Glass Tip 2: Stained Glass Does Not Just Go In Windows

Many people think of stained glass as something that only goes in entryway or hallway window but nothing could be further from the truth! In reality, stained glass is a great accent piece in any space, like kitchen cabinet doors, room dividers, windows between rooms, skylights, or even as a fireplace screen. Stained glass is not as fragile as you may think, in fact, it is just as durable as any type of glass you would have installed in these areas anyway and 10 times as beautiful! So, go ahead and use your imagination–we are happy to turn your stained glass dreams into reality!

Stained Glass Tip 3: Stained Glass Is Great For Privacy

One application for stained glass that the perfect blend of form and function is privacy stained glass. This is because stained glass makes windows where you need privacy beautiful but still obscures the view from outside. For example, stained glass makes for gorgeous bathroom windows or windows facing other houses close by. Entryways are also a perfect example of where stained glass can block the view from outside but still let in natural light to keep your Salt Lake City home bright and welcoming.

For more about stained glass in your remodel watch the video below:

For more information on how stained glass can add beauty and brilliance to your Salt Lake City home, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

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