Is Stained Glass Restoration Worth it?

Deciding whether or not to restore your Salt Lake City church stained glass is an important decision.  You would be surprised just how attached congregants get to these inspirational symbols.   We often make an argument for having stained glass restoration done in churches based soley on hte congregants’ love of it.  However, there are more practical reasons to have it done as well. 

Stained Glass Restoration Improves Glass Luster

Over time, the effects of weather and the build-up of dirt and debris can greatly dull the original colors in your stained glass windows.  In fact, when we return restored stained glass to churches, they look like entirely new windows.   Once the restoration is done it greatly enhances the different hues and even changes how the sunlight refracts into your Salt Lake City church space. The colors will appear brighter and deeper than ever before– returning the window to its original beauty.

Stained Glass Restoration Reinforces Support Structure

Restoration of stained glass windows isn’t only about how they look.  It is also about ensuring they last a long time too.  If your stained glass is over 100 years old, the lead has likely become brittle.  Lead that is old and brittle will bend and break under the weight of the glass.  This will cause the whole window to sag and eventually, glass pieces will start to fall out.  Stained glass restoration is a way to replace old lead with newer, better lead. The new additives put in modern lead will allow your church stained glass window to last another 200 years. 

Stained Glass Restoration Improves the Function of Your Stained Glass 

We see cracks and holes in church stained glass all the time.  Stained glass windows, like any other window in your church, serve a practical purpose.  They keep out the elements and keep heated and cooled air in.  If you have a crack or a hole in your Salt Lake City church’s stained glass windows, it is not functioning properly.  This could lead to high utility bills or moisture getting into your church to damage other structures.  When we restore stained glass we take extra protective measures—such as proper ventilation and protective glazes/covering.  These will help your stained glass function better as part of the interior environment.


Contact us to learn more about how we restore windows and to book an appointment for a free church stained glass restoration consultation anywhere in the Salt Lake City area.

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