Modern Examples of Stained Glass in Austin Homes

Stained Glass Windows For The Modern Austin Home

Stained glass windows are an ancient design element that graces the windows of churches, estates, and castles around the world. They are stately and beautiful and often have religious or historical iconography that makes them especially valuable parts of our past. However, stained glass is also a very modern design element that is as relevant to art, culture, and history today as it was 1000 years ago. Today’s stained glass is going through a revolution of sorts, making it a much sought-after addition to homes here in Austin and all over the United States. It is the very picture of luxury and style but not at all cost-prohibitive for the everyday Texan. What’s more, it is something every homeowner should consider adding not only to brighten and enhance their home’s decor but for other practical matters like privacy. Read on to find out how stained glass windows are evolving and why they may be perfect for your Austin home.

Stained Glass Today Vs The Past

While the general principles of stained glass have not changed much in the past centuries, the look of stained glass today is significantly different. The lead caming is still used, as are colors and textures but the depictions, or lack thereof, on the glass are different. Whereas religious iconography was the most popular in the past, today we are seeing more geometric patterns and even freeform patterns. Also, stained glass windows are being used in places you would have never put such a valuable art piece on in the past like cabinet doors or room dividers, which is simply delightful since stained glass is so beautiful. This is in large part because stained glass is so much more accessible and affordable now than ever before. Modern architects definitely have stained glass windows in their bag of tricks now and the results could not be more stunning like the window below.

As you can see this is not your grandfather’s stained glass, as the saying goes. Today’s stained glass is a lovely meld of old world techniques and new world styles which has given rise to a new generation of artistic stained glass that is more popular than ever.

Watch the video below for more information on Scottish Stained Glass:

Modern Windows By Scottish Stained Glass

If you are looking for a fantastic modern stained glass window for your Austin home, look no further than Scottish Stained Glass. We can do stained glass windows in any style, including ultra-modern and sheik. We would love to design a custom stained glass masterpiece to grace your Austin home for generations to come. Contact us today with your ideas today and to schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts.

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