Pre-Made v. Custom Stained Glass: Which is Right for Your Denver Home?

It’s always a great time to invest in your Denver home– whether you’re looking to do a small home project or a large renovation, stained glass is always an unique element to consider! When deciding on decorative stained glass pieces for your home, you have the option of choosing a pre-made stained glass panel or a custom stained glass piece. Both offer endless design options in regards to colors, textures, imagery, and more. Deciding which one is right for your home can seem tedious, but our portfolio features amazing pre-made and custom created stained glass.

Deciding Between Pre-Made v. Custom Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass has completed over 70,000 stained glass installations including pre-made and custom pieces. Pre-made stained glass offers Denver homeowners a more affordable option. With so many different styles and colors provided by pre-made stained glass panels, homeowners will still have a large selection to choose from. We have one of the largest pre-made stained glass inventories in the nation, guaranteeing you’ll find the right investment to compliment the rest of your home. Custom stained glass is significantly more expensive since it is labor and design intensive. Our team of local stained glass artisans can help you design virtually anything, bringing your ideas to fruition. For custom stained glass design, you’re welcome to look at our portfolio for inspiration or sit down with one of our stained glass artisans to hand design your piece.

Stained Glass Installation for Your Denver Home

Whether you choose pre-made or custom stained glass for your Denver home, the installation process is held to the same standard. We install your new stained glass piece into your home directly over existing windows or by building a framing system to house your stained glass panels. We can always build a new window frames to accommodate your investment or modify existing windows.

Stained Glass Installation from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

For more information regarding pre-made and custom made stained glass for your Denver home, please give us a call: (303) 766-3811

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