Should My KC Church Have Its Stained Glass Restored Or Replaced?

Church Stained Glass: Restore Or Replace?

When it comes down to the question of stained glass restoration for churches, and whether or not it is worth the sometimes long and expensive repair process,  it really comes down to a number of factors that churches must consider. That being said there is no “one or “right” answer, and the decision lies with the church staff and congregation as a whole.  However, to help you better understand what is at stake when your  Kansas City church is beginning restoration talks, we have outlined a few things to think about.

Consider The Monetary Value Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

As beautiful as stained glass is, it is just as valuable.  Value can come from a variety of areas as you will see, but the actual monetary value is something to consider.  In terms of value, many things play a factor in how much your church stained glass may be estimated at, like condition, age, and artisan.  However, a general rule of thumb is– a restored original piece of antique stained glass will be about 4X more valuable than that of a new/replaced piece.

Consider The Sentimental Value Of your Church’s Stained Glass

If you have old stained glass in your Kansas City church, it is likely that it has seen its fair share of blessed events take place under its beautiful light.   There are probably people in your church who were married beneath it or others who said their final goodbyes. In cases like this, where you have many parishioners who cherish the glass for sentimental reasons, the fact is, there is likely nothing new that can replace it.

Consider The Historical Value Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

Even beyond the monetary or sentimental value, may lie value in the time period or craftsman who created your glass.  Glass made in the early 20th century is very well and uniquely crafted and holds deep historical value in regards to early American history.   If your church’s stained glass is still in relatively good repair and intact, it may have been made by a stained glass master of the time, which makes it more valuable in and of itself.

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For more information on the value of your church’s stained glass or to find out if restoration might be right for your congregation, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!


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