Should Your Fort Collin’s Church Replace Or Restore Its Historical Stained Glass?

Replacing And Repairing Stained Glass On Fort Collins Churches

Fort Collins is an older city here in Colorado and arguably has some of the most beautiful and aged church stained glass windows in the state. Each of these windows has a unique look and an even more distinct history. They are ostensibly valuable pieces of history and rightfully cherished by the parishioners of the churches they grace. In fact, churchgoers love them so much, we do quite a few restorations in the Fort Collins area. However, not every church is sure what to do with the stained glass they know needs work and so we often get the questions on whether replacement or restoration is better. This makes sense since often times the glass can look beyond repair and large-scale repairs are known to be timely and expensive. When we get this kind of inquiry we always tell church patrons that whether to replace or repair stained glass is really a decision they need to make based on their individual stained glass and budget. However, we can shed some light on factors to consider when making that decision as we have below.

Weigh The Cost Of Replacing Vs. Repairing Stained Glass Windows

Restoring damaged stained glass windows, especially very large ones, can get pricey. However, once they are restored, they are 4x more valuable than new stained glass windows. While a new window may cost less upfront, it will be decades before its value is near that of a restored antique stained glass window. If your church wants to restore the glass but lacks the funds, we, at Scottish Stained Glass Fort Collins are happy to give you advice on fundraisers we have seen other churches do. In our 25+ year experience, this type of project is one most congregation and even communities readily support.

Understand That Scottish Stained Glass Can Match Your Existing Glass

Another reason churches hesitate to replace their stained glass is that they think antique glass cannot be recreated the same as theirs, which could be 100 years old. While it is true that techniques used to create antique stained glass are often hard to replicate, happily, here at Scottish, we hire the best-stained glass repair artists in the state and they are nearly always able to match any stained glass panel. Also, for those very large windows, we have developed special methods for removing and restoring and reinstalling them just as they were. Keep in mind these types of restorations are lengthy but well worth it once the amazing windows on your church, so full of sentimental and monetary value, are restored back to their original luster and beauty for the next 80-100 years.

Consider The History Of Your Church Stained Glass

Finally, church members must never forget how much historical value their Fort Collins church’s stained glass windows hold. Their value is as much monetary as it is sentimental–so keeping them and restoring them when possible is a good idea. If your stained glass is very old (dating back to the early-mid 20th century) it is likely that your church’s stained glass windows were crafted by a stained glass master of the time– increasing their value. Works by skilled artisans plays an important part in the history of Fort Collins and your church and likely worth preserving.

Scottish Stained Glass For Your Fort Collins Church Stained Glass Restoration

If your church stained glass shows signs of wear it is a good idea to have Scottish Stained Glass come in and consult with you. In the case of very old stained glass, it is best not to wait because the damage will only grow worse and more costly to repair over time. Contact us today for a free, onsite consultation of your Fort Collins church stained glass.

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