Easy to Spot Signs That Stained Glass in Kansas City Churches Need Restoration

Stained Glass Is Durable But Still Needs Timely Restoration And Repair

Stained glass is extremely durable and dense material but still transparent and able to take color, which makes it the perfect medium for adorning chapels to give them the ultimate ethereal feel. While it may seem strong and impervious, the truth is, stained glass windows, like everything else, will eventually yield to decay. This type of degradation of the glass itself takes a very long time on modern stained glass because of its chemical formulation and stability but there are other signs to look for in your church’s stained glass windows that point to the need for restoration, that don’t have to do with the glass itself. Read below to find out what surefire signs to look out for, in order to keep the stained glass in your Kansas City religious institution intact for parishioners for decades, if not centuries to come.

Gaps In Your Church’s Stained Glass Window That Show Daylight

One of the biggest signs that it is time to repair your Kansas City church stained glass is gaps in the window, out of which you can see daylight. These are caused by the stretching of the lead between your stained glass panels. The issue with lead stretching is that the glass panel is no longer held securely in place. The possibility of a piece of glass falling out of the window is high and a stained glass professional should be consulted at once.

Buckling, Bowing And Sagging Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

If the stained glass windows in your church are buckling, bowing, bulging or sagging, failure could be imminent. This type of dangerous damaged has nothing to do with the glass and everything to do with the frame which has been expanding and contracting over time and losing strength. Additionally, these relatively rapid shifts in the frame, in the long run, cause the lead to lose strength and stretch, changing the shape of the window forever. This is something that needs to be fixed right away because it could lead to total failure of the window and injury to parishioners. The lead in the window supports the interior structure of the window, as it ages and loses strength, this also leads to windows changing shape.

Chips And Cracks In Your Church’s Stained Glass

Probably the most common signs your church stained glass window needs repair and the most innocuous are chips and cracks in the glass. For the most part, these are simply damages that all stained glass windows incur over time. Besides the loss of beauty, they are relatively harmless. However, cracks in glass can be a sign of stress points in the glass from a failing frame so, you should have a stained glass professional come to your church in Kansas City and inspect the glass if you notice them and/or cracks seems to be popping up more and more.

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