Springfield Church Stained Glass Maintenance To Do Yourself Or Leave To A Professional

Benefits of Maintaining and Repairing Your Springfield Church Stained Glass

Stained glass in churches is not only beautiful but represent the beautiful church history in the United States as well. Here in Springfield, we are lucky to have a good amount of gorgeous stained glass on the churches in the area and the preservation of this glass is something we are proud to be a part of. While having your stained glass repaired and replaced when needed is something that every church should be prepared to do and begin saving funds for, there are things that congregation members can do themselves to extend the life of their Springfield church’s stained glass. The small things below will not only extend the life of your stained glass but also keep it looking lovely and vibrant too!

Church Stained Glass Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Most church stained glass repairs should be done by a well-vetted stained glass professional. However, there are a handful of things you or your church groundskeeper can do to maintain your glass and keep it looking its best for your parishioners to enjoy.

1.Light Cleaning Of Your Stained Glass: Although you Springfield church stained glass does not need to be routinely cleaned like a regular window, if the stained glass becomes dirty or dusty you can carefully clean the glass with distilled water and a soft cloth. *If the glass is painted, be sure to verify that the stained glass window has been fired or you could damage the finish.

2. Maintain wood frames around the Stained Glass: The wood frames on your Springfield church’s stained glass windows are an incredibly important element that stabilizes the whole piece. Moisture sealant and paint should be used to ensure the long life of the entire piece. These sealants should be applied according to their directions, however, great care should be used to avoid getting these materials on the glass, where they can affect the look of the glass and potentially remove paint on unfired panels.

3 Replace missing or loose putty when needed: This is purely aesthetic repair for when you notice cracking or flaking putty on the outer edges of the window. While you can quickly replace the putty and paint over it to keep your church stained glass looking good, a professional should be called for larger cracks or missing chunks as it could be a sign of deeper structural damage.

Keep in mind that all of the ideas above are for competent church groundskeepers. If you would like your Springfield church maintenance person to do some of these light maintenance duties, it is essential to call in a trained professional like Scottish Stained Glass, to come in and consult with your church handyman to give instruction on light maintenance duties and materials. No major repairs or replacements should ever be done by anyone besides a stained glass expert. As always, we suggest a yearly check-up by a professional, especially on older stained glass. Contact us at Scottish for more details about which maintenance your church can do itself and which ones we can do for you. We serve all of the Kansas City area including Springfield, Missouri.

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