Why Stained Glass Should Be Part of Your Austin Bathroom Remodel

Experts say that homeowners are able to regain about 55-65% of bathroom renovation costs when they sell their home. Truly, remodeling your bathroom is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value.

If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom in the near future, one change you should include in your plans is adding stained glass. Here’s what makes bathroom stained glass a great addition to every Austin home remodel.


What’s the Role of Bathroom Stained Glass?

Windows play a pivotal role in every room. They let in light and give you views of the beautiful world outside. But in a bathroom, they can cause major problems in terms of privacy.

Bathroom stained glass is here to fix that. Using textures, color, and creative design elements, stained glass windows create privacy without blocking natural light. And they’re also great at hiding areas that are prone to clutter – say, bathroom cabinets and showers for example.


Ideas for Using Stained Glass in Your Bathroom Remodel

Another reason to consider bathroom stained glass for your Austin home remodel is its versatility. These charming additions can be incorporated into numerous places in your bathroom. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

diamond bathroom stained glass austin

Diamond Window

Diamond windows offer a timeless look that bring elegance to any bathroom.


bathtub window stained glass austin

Above Bathtub

If you have a window above your bathtub, consider replacing the flat glass with stained glass for privacy.


bay window stained glass austin

Bay Windows

These bathroom bay windows with stained glass are absolutely enchanting.


celtic knot stained glass austin

Celtic Knot

For an old world look, opt for a design that features Celtic Knots.

floral bathroom stained glass austin

Floral Stained Glass

Floral stained glass looks whimsical and romantic, making it perfect for bathrooms.


Create the Perfect Look

Let us help you design the perfect bathroom stained glass window for your Austin home. Call today to speak to a designer about your ideas.

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