Pros and Cons of Stained Glass Restoration for Historic Properties in San Antonio

FIRST: Whether Or Not Your Historic Stained Glass Needs Repair

If you have a house over 80 years old in San Antonio then your glass is considered historic.  In which case, if your stained glass has not been restored it may be time. Things to look for in your stained glass are

  • Missing pieces of stained glass
  • Cracked stained glass panels
  • A dull or lusterless appearance
  • Missing lead caming
  • Sagging of leading
  • Bowing or deterioration of wood frame

These signs are all readily apparent upon inspection, but what may not be as apparent is whether or not it is worth it to have the stained glass restored.  You must weigh the pros and cons on each side of the equation and make an informed decision from there. Below we have listed a few pros and cons about restoring stained glass for you think about/

Pros Of Repairing Your Historic San Antonio Homes Stained Glass

Historic  Stained Glass Is has Monetary Value

While it may not seem like much, the historic stained glass in your San Antonio home could be worth quite a bit of money depending on its post-restoration value and the market.  Stained glass is very durable and America glass from the early part of the 20th century is particularly valuable because of the materials used by turn of the century craftsman. While the value of each window is unique, you can expect it to appraise for at least 4x that of a new stained glass window! Since stained glass costs anywhere from$150 to $500/per square foot, you could be sitting on quite a sum of money.

Historic Stained Glass Is Historical Value

Since historic stained glass is an antique, it has obvious monetary value and part of that value is based on the fact that it is a historical treasure.  Stained glass in many San Antonio homes was created by a master of the time and therefore is a cherished part of San Antonio’s illustrious history. By keeping and restoring the stained glass you are doing your part to keep the past alive in the city not only for you but for the entire city.  Before you decide to remove your stained glass, a good idea is to see if you can get it appraised and/or find out the maker of the stained glass and/ or the history of the house.

Historic Stained Glass Is Unique And Beautiful

There are no two ways about it, stained glass from early last century is extremely unique and adds charm to any home.  If your stained glass simply looks dingy or has cracks, chips or missing glass, the beauty may not be readily apparent.  After restoration, you will be shocked how different glass that looked like nothing much will change into something spectacular.  Likely you have heard the phrase–”they just don’t build them like they used to”. This is a case where that is definitely true, stained glass in the US from last century (especially the first 30 years), was built exceptionally and almost no stained glass today rivals its durability, artist, and craftsmanship.

Cons Of Repairing Historic Stained Glass On Your San Antonio Home

Stained Glass Restoration Can Be Expensive

 When it comes to vintage glass, depending on the size and scope or the repairs, the costs can start to add up.  This is particularly true when the entire frame structure needs to be taken down and reconstructed. This cost may be prohibitive to some people.

Stained Glass Restoration Can Be Time-Consuming

Again is the stained glass restoration project covers many windows or many square footages of windows, the restoration process is lengthy.  Another reason it may take a very long time is, if our studio needs to match a color or technique from 100+ years ago, it may take many iterations and kiln fires to get it right.  There is no rushing such a delicate and important process and here at Scottish, we take historic restorations very seriously and will not deliver sub-par glass pieces–no matter how long it takes us to get it right.

Watch the video below for more information on stained glass.

For more information on stained glass restoration for your San Antonio home, contact us today!

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