Beautiful Ways Stained Glass Can Enhance You Fort Collins Synagogue

The History Of Stained Glass In Synagogues

When you picture stained glass in your head, you probably have visions of towering stained glass windows in a Catholic church.  This is understandable because Catholic churches, large and small often have stained glass windows adorning them. What you may not realize is, stained glass windows are something many different religions use as a way display their most meaningful iconography–Judaism notwithstanding.  In fact, stained glass on synagogues is a more common occurrence here in the states and around the world than you may think. This is because Jewish people, like Catholics and Christians, have used stained glass windows to pay homage to some of their most important religious stories for hundreds of years.  Some synagogues even have stained glass windows that are famous and which were created by master artisans.

Breathtaking Stained Glass For Synagogues

Since Judaism and Catholicism have some many historical and ideological differences, the stained glass iconography for temples and synagogues in large part varies from what you may see in a Catholic church.  However, the patterns, figures, and colors are as beautiful and breathtaking, especially because of the uniqueness of the Jewish designs. Beautiful, colorful plants and animals are represented in Synagogue stained glass windows and another widely used common motif is the iconic six-pointed star of the Jewish religion. However, just like in catholic church stained glass windows, portrayals of old testament stories, which are ubiquitous to the two religions are used frequently. Depictions of angels are also shared by the two.  When it comes down to it, stained glass is an intriguing way to tell a story with an incredibly unique artform; made even more glorious by the deep faith that is inspired by. In short, stained glass is a perfect addition to any church, temple, synagogue or mosque in Fort Collins and beyond.

Watch the video below for more information on stained glass:

Stained Glass Experts For Synagogues In Fort Collins

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we have done thousands of stained glass windows across the country and right here in Fort Collins. We would be honored to work with you on a deeply meaningful stained glass window for your religious institution, Jewish, Catholic or otherwise. We have much respect for all faiths and find stained glass art to be a common interest to all.  If you would like to learn more about stained glass for your synagogue and the explore some of the amazing ancient patterns of the holy land or some from right here in the US, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass for a consultation and let us design an ethereal masterpiece to brighten your synagogue!

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