Beautiful Ways To Incorporate Antique Stained Glass for Houston Outdoor Weddings

Stained Glass And Houston Weddings:  A Perfect Pair

Weddings are a wonderful time to gather family and friends to celebrate your love for your significant other and make a commitment to one another.  They are also a fantastic way to throw the party of your dreams with all the elements you have dreamed of since you were young. Whether it is the ruby red roses in the bouquet, the whimsical white corsages on the groomsmen, the three-tiered buttercream cake with perfectly piped pansies or a lovely scenic Houston backdrop to say your “I dos”, everything for the day is something to carefully plan to make this day one to remember.  One area of weddings that is seeing an uptick in creativity these days is surely the backdrops at the alters brides and grooms take their vows. Focusing on this small area of the event is a way to get fantastic photos of the special moment when you make the commitment and to tie all the design elements and colors of the entire ceremony together in one micro-space. This is why, at Scottish Stained Glass, we find ourselves doing quite a bit of custom stained glass for weddings, namely antique stained glass windows as a wedding ceremony backdrop.  This is an amazing idea no only for aesthetics and pictures during the ceremony but as a lovely place for family and friends to take pictures in front of all day or evening long. What’s more, these stained glass panels are portable so you can take them to the reception hall with you and, most importantly, after your big day is over, you have an absolutely stunning piece of stained glass to hang in your newlywed home to commemorate the occasion for generations to come! In fact, stained glass is so durable you can pass your lovely stained glass wedding panel down to your grandkids and theirs after that.  For some ideas on what these stained glass panels may look like, explore pictures of some of the very best executed stained glass wedding backgrounds below.

Frank Lloyd Wright Style Vintage Stained Glass


Art Nouveau Style Vintage Stained Glass


Vintage Leaded Stained Glass


For more information on custom antique style stained glass for your Houston area wedding, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass on pricing and ideas.

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