Where to Use Stained Glass in Your Fort Collins Home for Privacy

stained glass fort collins home privacy

These days, when it comes to windows, the philosophy is generally “the bigger, the better.” Large windows and floor to ceiling glass are all the rage, but when it comes to privacy, they pose a challenge. That’s where stained glass for your Fort Collins home can help. By switching out your window glass with a stained or leaded glass unit, you can obtain the privacy you need without blocking light.


privacy stained glass fort collins

Why Stained Glass for Privacy?

You need privacy to able to live comfortably in your home. But, at the same time, you may feel hesitant about covering up those big windows you love with blinds or curtains. And rightfully so! To lose all that light would be a shame!

Instead, considering adding stained glass to your Fort Collins home to get the privacy you need. Stained and leaded glass windows are made of thick pieces of texture glass that help create privacy by distorting images. They make objects and people appear on the other side of the glass look blurry and difficult to discern. In this way, they create privacy without blocking light.


Where to Use Stained Glass in Your Home

Stained glass can be added to pretty much any room or part of your home. You can use it to create privacy or simply as decorative art. Some of the most common applications include:



Bathroom windows, doors, showers, and cabinets are a popular choice for stained glass. While most homeowners opt for colorless designs, there are some who decide to stick to traditional styles. These are great for creating a vintage or artistic look.


Kitchen Windows

If you have a kitchen window that looks out onto your neighbor’s home, consider swapping it out with a stained, leaded, or beveled glass insert.



Bedrooms, which also need a fair amount of privacy, are another popular choice for stained glass.


Explore Your Options

To learn more about the many stained glass options available for your Fort Collins home, please contact our office!

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