Different Stained Glass Installation Methods for San Antonio Homes

Stained Glass Window For San Antonio Homes

Stained glass windows, as you probably know, are a wonderful addition to any home in the San Antonio area and this is in large part due to their versatility. Stained glass windows, as it were, come in a variety of colors, textures, styles, and sizes making them accommodating to the average homeowner for any window in their home. Another reason they are so accessible is because of the variety of installation methods. This makes them extremely easy to customize, which our clients past and present just love. Below we have outlined the different installation methods to help you figure out which one may be right for your San Antonio home.


Professionally Installed Stained Glass In San Antonio


As mentioned, there are several methods of stained glass installation and which one is right for you depends on what you are trying to achieve. The application methods range for very easy (and done in as little as one day) to more difficult and lengthy. However, the one thing that is for sure is, regardless of which method you choose, Scottish Stained Glass San Antonio excels at every given method.


Stained Glass Installation Method 1: The Most Popular


The bonding method is definitely one of the most widely used techniques in stained glass installation. It is simple, quick, clean and can be done on nearly any window in your San Antonio home. It involves a stained glass panel, made to your exact design specifications, being applied to your home’s window. For how easy this method is to execute the results are stunning. It looks wonderful from the inside and out and has the added benefit of being protected by the exterior window.


Stained Glass Installation Method 2: Great For New Construction


Although most stained glass windows are applied with the bonding method above (75% of windows are) another popular method is the triple pane method. This application is great for areas that get a lot of moisture or need to adhere to safety codes–like new construction. In this method, the stained glass is sandwiched and sealed between two tempered pieces of glass. This means no moisture can get behind the outside panes and therefore no condensation. The best part about this method is–it is safe and easy to clean.


Stained Glass Installation Method 3: Hanging Stained Glass Panels


The final stained glass application method is hook hanging. This is when a custom crafted stained glass panel is fitted with hooks on its steel or wood outside edge and then on a wall, in a window or free suspended. This is a great way for San Antonio homeowners who may want to move the panel within their home or to a new location altogether.

For more information on stained glass installation, watch the video below

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