Stained Glass Style That Work For Your Chicago Neighborhood

Stained glass a home improvement that most homeowner would love to make but put off or hesitate on because they simply don’t know what kind of stained glass to get. Rather than deal with what style stained glass will go with their home or if they should use colors and which ones, they stay with the status quo. Call it a lack of knowledge or just a dire need for inspiration but people often aren’t aware of how many varieties of stained glass designs available to them through prolific stained glass companies, like Scottish Stained Glass and how easily it is installed. Here in our studios, we have an abundance of colors, textures and designs styles to suit every single home here in Chicago and expert installers to get the job done in as little as one day. So, if stained glass is something you just love and have been considering for a long time but putting off, we have provided some stained glass ideas for we think would go well in your home based on neighborhoods like yours in Chicago.

Stained Glass In Chicago Neighborhoods

Modern Stained Glass: Hyde Park– must we say more? This is not only a famous Chicago neighborhood but also a sophisticated one, boasting such inhabitants as Obama and institutions like the University of Chicago. In this chic place hip and modern stained glass is the go-to and for good reason–the sharp lines and minimal color blend perfectly with this already-trendsetting spot. Abstract stained glass goes wonderfully with the Hyde Park aesthetic as well as something more classic like mid-century modern Frank Llyod Wright-inspired stained glass: clean lines with a hint of vintage flair.wonderfully

Vintage Stained Glass: The Wicker Park neighborhood used to be where goats grazed back in the day in Chicago but now it has turned into a marvelous modern neighborhood with old school flair. This is why Vintage stained glass is the perfect fit for Wicker Park/Bucktown homeowners. Stained glass in the style of Greene And Greene and MacIntosh will not only be a lovely accent for Wicker Park homes but the neighborhood at large!

Textured Stained Glass: The Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago is gorgeous and bustling! Oak Street is like a Rodeo Drive right in the heart of the Midwest, boating Hermes, Versace and Gucci clothing stores. This makes it as lovely as it is packed with people any time of year. This means, for homes in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, textured stained glass is perfect for adding a bit of privacy to sidelight windows and bathroom windows so you can enjoy the natural light and ambiance while keeping prying eyes out.

As we said, there is truly an abundance of stained glass styles for any home in the Chicago area and finding one that fits you is only a click away! Contact us at Scottish Stained Glass to find out more about stained glass styles that fit your home today!

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