Professional Stained Glass Repair in Denver

Denver is full of old, stately homes. From towering Victorians to quaint bungalows, the architecture of nearly every kind can be found here. Many of these homes have aging stained glass windows. These types of windows need to be kept up over the years, or they could fall into total disrepair. As the area’s expert in stained glass repair for homes, we can help you keep your aging stained glass in great shape and preserve it for years to come. Find out the types of repairs we do below.

Repairing Fracturing and Breakage of Stained Glass

Stained glass windows are actually reasonably durable. However, the glass will break or crack when struck. This type of damage is usually from an object, like hail, hitting the window. However, branches and even normal wear and tear can cause cracks to form. We do something called “drop-in repairs” for stained glass in homes. This means we come to your house and repair small cracks and fractures on-site.

Stained Glass Repairs of Cracking Lead

A major cause of damage on very old stained glass windows is the deterioration of the leading. Leading is the metallic seams of the stained glass that pieces of glass together. As lead ages, it gets brittle and will sag from the weight of the glass. This means the lead needs to be replaced. For this type of repair, we will remove the stained glass window completely, take it to our studio and return it to look gorgeous and brand new.

Stained Glass Structural Repairs

Sometimes the framing of stained glass windows begins to give way. When this happens, it may look like the glass is sagging. You may also notice many small cracks in the stained glass from the stress of the collapsing framing. When this happens, you likely need a full restoration. Not only will we remove your stained glass and restore it in our studio, but we will also rebuild the framing structure to support your beautifully restored antique stained glass. 

Denver’s Stained Glass Experts

These are only some of the examples of stained glass issues that our Denver customers face with their aging stained glass. Each case is unique. Regardless of what type of repairs or restorations you need to your home stained glass–we can help! We are one of the nation’s oldest and most prolific stained glass studios and would love to restore your gorgeous stained glass centerpiece back to its former glory. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate of repairs!

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