Is Stained Glass Restoration a Cost-Effective Solution?

stained glass restoration san antonio cost

/tion Perhaps one of your members recently pointed out a crack in your church’s stained glass windows. Or maybe you’ve noticed that the colors aren’t shining as bright as usual. Either way, you knew something was off.

So you called in the experts and they’ve confirmed, you need stained glass restoration. But in San Antonio, hiring a professional to fix your windows can cost thousands of dollars.

Most churches don’t have that kind of money just laying around somewhere. In this case, your church board may wonder, is it really worth all the money?

The answer may surprise you, but actually, in most cases, yes! Stained glass restoration is a cost-effective solution, and one that can pay off in the end. Here’s how.

When Stained Glass Restoration Is Necessary

It’s pretty easy to tell when stained glass needs to be fixed, but not always. Often, the signs are hard to ignore – chipped areas, cracked pieces of glass, or bowing windows. But sometimes they’re subtle. The leading may seem chalky. Or your windows may look foggy. While these are early signs of deterioration, they shouldn’t be ignored. Any change in the appearance of stained glass should be addressed immediately.

Why Is Stained Glass Restoration So Expensive?

You may be wondering, why is stained glass restoration so expensive in San Antonio in the first place? Here are the factors that go into determining the cost:

  • The condition of the window
  • The cost of labor – including painters, glaziers, and installation technicians
  • The amount of knowledge and skill required
  • The expense of materials
  • The cost of shipping
  • Is It Worth the Expense?

    Only you can make that determination. But many churches end up choosing restoration because it’s a cost-effective solution. Yes, restoration may cost you $25,000-50,000, but it could raise the value of your property by $150,000 to $200,000 or more. In the end, it’s at least worth the time to have your windows appraised.

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