Beautiful, Functional Ways to Use Stained Glass in Your Salt Lake City Home

Stained glass is one of the world’s oldest and most enchanting art forms. For centuries, man has used these dazzling works of art to fill spaces with light and color and share stories of the past.

Not only do these colorful, elaborate works look beautiful in churches, but they can also make a charming addition to your home. Below, we’ve listed some beautiful, functional ways to use stained glass in your Salt Lake City home.

Why Consider Stained Glass for Your Home?

Stained glass windows aren’t just beautiful; they’re also practical! Adding stained glass to your home can provide you with:

  • Glorious natural light
  • Privacy and security
  • An increase in your home’s value


Beautiful, Functional Uses for Stained Glass Windows

Improve the aesthetic appearance and functionality of your home with stained glass! Check out these beautiful, creative ways to use stained glass in your Salt Lake City home!



cabinet stained glass salt lake city


Make your cabinets look more uniform and consistent by hiding their contents with stained glass. For a colorless option, opt for clear, textured, or beveled glass. Or for a more traditional look, consider a prairie, floral, or art deco design.



entryway stained glass salt lake city


Front doors with glass panes like the one featured here are common in Salt Lake City homes. Their purpose is to provide natural light in foyers and front rooms. However, in terms of privacy, they’re usually lacking since they’re most often made with flat glass that is easy to see through. We recommend replacing the standard glass in your front door or sidelights with stained glass. This will create privacy for your family, but won’t prevent natural light from coming in.



bathroom stained glass windows salt lake city


Bathrooms are another great place for stained glass. In terms of aesthetics, they can make a tremendous difference and make a bathroom seem more elegant and inviting. On a practical level, they provide more privacy than ordinary windows and eliminate the need for curtains.


Add Beautiful Stained Glass Windows to Your Salt Lake City Home

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