What Are The Different Types of Stained Glass?

In the world of stained glass, not all windows are created the same. In fact, there are an amazing amount of techniques involved in making these lovely pieces of art. Likewise, the techniques used to create the stained glass for your Salt Lake City or church depend largely on the stained glass studio you choose for the work. However, most stained glass studios, like ours here at Scottish Stained Glass, are familiar with multiple techniques. So, if you have a particular piece of stained glass that you just love, be sure to take in photos or provide links to these pieces, to help your artist visualize a final piece with your inspiration in mind. Here at Scottish Stained Glass in Salt Lake City, our 25+ years of experience have given us the ability to create a stained glass window for your home or church in nearly any technique or style. Below are just a few of our favorites for creating the masterpieces we are known for. 

5 Gorgeous Stained Glass Techniques

  1. Bevels Stained Glass: An extremely popular style of stained glass, beveled glass allows in an abundance of rich prismatic natural light. The usually ½” angled border is what allows this magnificent refraction and is created by grinding and polished on the topside edges of clear glass.
  2. Opalescent Stained Glass: Created by Opalescent John Lafarge in 1879 but most notably used and perfected by the Tiffany stained glass studio, this glass is milky in appearance. It involves two colors swirled together and allows for one-of-a-kind creations since no two pieces of glass are the same.
  3. Leaded Stained Glass: One of the most traditional stained glass styles, leaded glass makes up some of the finest stained glass pieces of all time. It is called “leaded’ because each individual piece of glass is separated/connected by a thin line of piped of lead caming.  
  4. Color-Blocked Stained Glass: Color-blocked stained glass is wonderful because of its simplicity. The artist used blocks of color to create lovely patterns typically with bright, attractive hues. These blocked designs have the added ability to be modern or vintage depending on the layout. 
  5. Painted Stained Glass: This type of glass has incredible depth and durability in its coloring because the colors and even shading is painted on to glass pieces and then fired. Once these shaded pieces are put together in a stained glass masterpiece the artist can produce greatly detailed pieces, including human faces, animals, flora and more.

If any of these types of stained glass techniques interest you for your Salt Lake City home or church, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass to review these and more. We would be happy to work with you on a stained glass masterpiece all your own! Plus we do repairs and restorations too!


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