Discovering Utah’s Most Beautiful Stained Glass

Stained Glass On Utah Churches

Stained glass has long been a way for church’s to portray religious iconography in lovely ways.  Some even contend the beautiful storytelling done by these windows is something only these windows are able to do and we tend to agree.  It makes sense then that Utah is a hotbed for stained glass on churches since the state as a whole is home not only to Mormon’s but many other religions that appreciate the impact of stained glass.  Stained glass began appearing here in Utah at least as early as 1866 from there spread consistently through the state–even to this present day. Below we have highlighted some of the most remarkable stained glass in the state of Utah for your viewing pleasure.

LDS Church History Museum

Now housed in the the Latter Day Saints Museum this window was originally commisioned in 1892 and is an absolutely lovely depiction of the “First Vision for the Holy of Holies in the Salt Lake Temple” The creation of this window led to several other “First Vision” windows being commisioned from numerous artists for Latter-day Saint meetinghouses.

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

An absolutely breathtaking depiction of the love an humility of Christ this stained glass masterpiece is housed in Provo, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.  According to the church website, it is– “rooted in historical Christianity, particularly as it is expressed in the Anglican tradition of scripture, tradition, and reason,” And while that is true it is also a remarkable piece of church history that still looks magnificent at 100+ years old.

B’nai Israel Temple

This window was originally made in 1891 for a new Congregation B’nai Israel synagogue.  This synagogue saw great growth from that point on and the window truly represents the resilience of the Jewish people both here in Utah and abroad. Much like the Jewish people the steadfast stone facade and intricate stained glass windows have weathered time, elements and human intervention.

Scottish Stained Glass For Utah Church Stained Glass Restoration

At Scottish stained glass, we are committed to preserving religious stained glass both for its symbolic value and the value pertaining to Utah’s long church history.   For almost 3 decades we have repaired a myriad of religious stained glass windows both here in Utah and across the country and as such are the country’s premier stained glass restoration experts.  Contact us today with questions about your church, synagogue or mosque stained glass restoration project and to schedule an inspection of your chapel’s stained glass.

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