The Importance of Cleaning and Strengthening Your Kansas City Church’s Stained Glass

When properly taken care of, stained glass can last centuries. The beautiful, timeless stained glass pieces featured in Kansas City churches are usually very pertinent and meaningful for congregation members. These colorful works of art can play a major role in the worshiping and inspirational process. Restoration is always an option and typically becomes a necessity around the 75 year to 100 year mark, but regular cleaning and strengthening can stop permanent damage while prolonging periods between each restoration.

How Cleaning and Strengthening Prolongs Stained Glass

There are a lot of factors that can cause deterioration of stained glass. The leading cause of deterioration is often exposure to moisture. There’s no way around it, but your Kansas City church stained glass will be exposed to moisture which leads to corrosion and eventual deterioration. Moisture can cause fungus and mold which escalates decay as well. When moisture is trapped between stained glass panels, it gives a hospitable home for mold to live in and grow. That’s why regular cleanings are so important. Wiping down your stained glass regularly to remove moisture and prevent mold goes a long way. If your stained glass features painted glass elements and the paint isn’t properly baked, the paint itself can lead to further decay.

Cleaning and Repairing Kansas City Church Stained Glass

Due to age, stained glass can lose its luster without proper cleaning and may need polishing and repair. Scottish Stained Glass is happy to help with small repair jobs to complete restoration projects. If your church stained glass simply needs to be polished and has a few simple repairs, we can complete that without having to remove your stained glass windows. Restoration is inevitable– we’re happy to help with major restorations as well. If you need any cleaning and strengthening tips, you’re always welcome to contact us for advice!

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For more information regarding cleaning, strengthening, and repair for your Kansas City stained glass, please give us a call: (816) 399-3764

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