3 Big Ways Stained Glass Makes Your Fort Collins Home More Valuable

How Stained Glass Affects The Value Of Your Fort Collins Home

It is well known that stained glass is lovely and adds elegance to any home on which it sits. However, what you may not know is just how much-stained glass can be worth to you. That’s right, stained glass windows both hold their value extremely well and increase the value of your home. Stained glass impacts the value of your home in three main ways, which we have gone into detail about below. How Stained Glass Affects The Sale Of Your Fort Collins Home

Stained Glass Windows Increases The Sale Price Of Your Home

Stained glass a notoriously good ROI and is widely known to help homes appraise for much higher than homes without stained glass installed. In fact, when you pay $300 for a stained glass window you can expect it to appraise at $3000 in market value. Many stained glass windows appraise for more than $100 per square foot. So, by investing a little in stained glass today, you can be sure your home holds its value and gains a significant amount too!
Stained Glass Windows Gives Your Fort Collins Home Curb Appeal:
Buyers always look for curb appeal in a new home. The bright, beautiful and highly visible appearance of stained glass from the outside (especially stained glass in entryway windows), entices buyers and gives them a favorable view of your home. The result is, it potentially pushes buyers towards purchasing your home.

Stained Glass Windows Give Your Home A Higher Perceived Value

The actual value of a home is a real number that buyers take into consideration when purchasing a home. However, there is also something called the “perceived value”: what people believe it to be worth. Stained glass indubitably increases the perceived value of a home both because of its beauty and potential for becoming an antique. Studies show that even if two homes have the same actual value, buyers think of the home with stained glass to be more valuable. In which case they are more likely to bid higher and/or get into a bidding war.

Watch this customer testimonial to see just how much customers love their stained glass windows.


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