Restoration Advice For Austin Churches With Vintage Stained Glass

Church And Chapel Stained Glass Restoration In Austin

Church stained glass restoration is an art form in itself, which is appropriate considering that stained glass is one of the oldest and most beautiful art forms in the world. Stained glass windows grace both private and public buildings in many different countries, most often in churches. We even have some here in Austin, TX. Austin churches with vintage stained glass may be looking for restoration advice on how to restore and maintain the glory of their stained glass windows.

Stained glass in church windows is a long-standing tradition of elevating the mundane – windows – into something glorious, telling a story, depicting important moments in the religion of the parishioners. Therefore, it is important to restore these church stained glass windows when necessary. Here are some key tips to remember when it comes to Austin church stained glass restoration:


Think of Stained Glass as an Original Work of Art


A stained-glass window should be considered as fragile and untouchable as an oil painting. Instead of a canvas, some of the world’s most-renowned artists used glass to create masterpieces. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of it as “just glass.” Respect must be paid.


Leave Well Enough Alone


Like any piece of expensive art, it’s best to leave it alone. Stained glass is built to withstand the passage of time and is part of the structure of the building in which it sits. Church stained glass restoration can be necessary, but not for simple cracks or fading, or even buckling. Make sure you check with an Austin church stained glass restoration specialist before touching anything.


Take Photos


A good first step in the restoration process is to take photos. Take a lot of pictures of your church stained glass from many different angles and at different times of the day. Many insurance policies now require this step, and these photos may come in handy during the restoration process.


Call a Stained Glass Restoration Professional


With such a significant piece of historical artwork on the line, it is vital that you consult a church stained glass restoration specialist in your area. Scottish Stained Glass in Austin is an expert at vintage stained glass restoration. We are trained specialists for all things stained glass and would be happy to help you with the delicate process of restoring your church stained glass to its former glory–so contact us today!

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