Walking Through Residential Stained Glass Restoration from Start to Finish in Houston

Houston is known for its gorgeous stained glass windows featured throughout its many churches and houses of worship. Did you know that there are actually numerous antique stained glass windows that are found throughout residential properties as well? When it comes to properly preserving your home’s historic stained glass, it is crucial to understand the process in order to find the right stained glass restoration studio. The residential stained glass restoration process can be lengthy but can offer at least another century of pristine condition to your stained glass’ lifespan.

The Residential Stained Glass Restoration Process for Houston Homes

We begin the residential stained restoration process with an in-home consultation to provides a cost-benefit analysis, an appraisal, project estimate, and timeline estimate. Once you decide to start the restoration, we carefully remove the stained glass from your home and replace it with a temporary window. We’ll transport your stained glass back to our local studio where it’ll sit in a proprietary soap bath in order to remove all the debris that has built up over the years. This soak also enables us to remove each component easily in order to restore the damaged pieces. New painted glass is replicated and new lead came is also created for optimal structural integrity. We finish the process by setting the window with black cement then polishing it for re-installation. The process can take around one month for one stained glass window.

Work with Houston’s Residential Stained Glass Restoration Leader

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the industry leader in stained glass restoration serving the Houston area. We guarantee that we’ll bring your stained glass back to its original condition, providing longevity and beauty for your home.

For more information regarding the residential stained glass restoration process for your Houston home, please contact us!

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