What We Look For In Our Stained Glass Inspections

Stained Glass Inspections In Kansas City

When a church here in Kansas City calls us to talk about their stained glass, they almost always have an issue already at hand.  It could be their stained glass is dull and lifeless or they have a small missing piece of glass that they would like replaced. It is almost always the case that we will want to come to inspect the stained glass ourselves to see what the problem is and what other problems there might be.  This is because when stained glass windows begin to deteriorate, it is almost always a cascade effect. Meaning, one issue is almost always tied to another and the issues progressively get worse. This allows us to not only tell you what is happening with your stained glass windows but what is likely to happen next.  Below are few things we will look for during an inspection, some innocuous, some indicative of a larger issue.

Stained Glass Inspections Points

Dull or Dirty Stained Glass:  Most stained glass windows in the KC area and across the US are in need of a good cleaning.  You will be shocked when you see your glass with life and lust when it was new. We can clean the glass in place of as part of a full restoration

Broken Stained Glass:  Stain glass, like regular glass breaks from accidents and even bad weather.  This type of damage is normal and not usually cause for concern unless linked to a bigger issue like lead degradation or sagging frames.

Gaps In Stained Glass: This is usually a sign that the structure of your stained glass is starting to fail and the lead is probably the culprit. Most of the time this is one of the first signs that restoration is needed or will be needed soon.

Cracks In Stained Glass: Cracks in stained glass come with the weight shifting over time, an object hitting the glass or the framing beginning to give way.  The issue with cracks is–they only get worse over time as the glass pieces rub against one another. Meaning it is time to start thinking restoration.

Bowing or Sagging Of Glass:  This is a fairly telltale sign that you need a full church stained glass restoration because it means the structural elements of the window are failing under the weight of the glass.  The window will fail sooner rather than later in this case and needs to be reinforced.

Missing or cracked leading:  Over time leads stretches and/or cracks.  We are at a point now where the lead on stained glass made 80 years ago is no longer secure.  If you are having lead caming issues, it is time to get your stained glass restored. The good news is, the new lead formula we use for stained glass restoration will last another 200 years before needing to be replaced.

Don’t’ wait to have your church stained glass inspected so you can formulate a plan for possible future restoration.  Contact Scottish Stained Glass today to schedule a visit from us.

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