When Should You Repair Stained Glass in Dallas Synagogues or Temples?

As many of the beautiful, meaningful stained glass pieces come to age in Dallas synagogues and temples, it’s important to understand when to start repairs or the restoration process. Stained glass in places of worship often inspire congregation members in a deeper, symbolic way. With powerful imagery and personal perceptions, synagogue and temple stained glass can be very important to your members. We always recommend restoration at the first signs of deterioration in order to avoid permanent damage and a more costly process.

Signs of Stained Glass Deterioration in Dallas Synagogues and Temples

Without having to examine your stained glass, the age of each piece can give you a general idea on whether you need repair or restoration. When stained glass reaches around 75 to 100 years old, this is typically the age range it begins to deteriorate. Significant signs of deterioration often include a white dust appearing on the surface of the glass from the deteriorating lead came, concave or convex pieces of glass, missing or falling pieces of glass, warped or deteriorating lead pieces, a yellowish tint on the glass itself, any misshapen or discolored pieces, and more. Usually a member of your congregation will notice the first signs of deterioration. If you’re unable to spot out these signs, our trained professionals are more than happy to help.

Stained Glass Ceiling Restoration – Montrose, Colorado from Scottish Stained Glass Dallas on Vimeo.

Stained Glass Restoration Fundraising Options

Stained glass restoration can definitely be a costly process. When restoration is recommended, it typically can add more antique equity back into your Dallas synagogue or temple, making it a worthy investment. Scottish Stained Glass has helped numerous synagogues and temples with their fundraising efforts in order to really give back to our community. We can help with fundraising ideas and bringing them to fruition. Many of our restoration projects were 100% backed by donations and fundraising efforts.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration in Dallas synagogues and temples, please contact us or give us a call: (972) 591-8413

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