Where to Start? Renovating Your Sheridan Church Stained Glass

Sheridan has numerous churches that feature a multitude of gorgeous religious stained glass windows. These unique pieces of art implement each church’s personal narrative of important religious messages and ideas. Many underestimate the power of stained glass when it comes to the worship process– congregation and clergy members really embrace these features due to their inspirational and empowering messages. When it comes to proper preservation, it’s important to know when to start renovating your Sheridan church’s stained glass.

Beginning the Renovation Process for Your Sheridan Church’s Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass is the industry leader in religious stained glass restoration. Understanding where to start is vital for any proper restoration, making it significant to conduct research prior to any renovations. Religious stained glass windows that are candidates for restoration typically are between 75 to 100 years old when they begin to showcase symptoms of deterioration. These symptoms can include deteriorating lead came, warped glass, missing pieces, white film that appears on the glass, discoloration, and much more. Identifying these signs of deterioration is the first step in starting the renovation process. Once you’ve determined that your stained glass is in need of restoration, finding the right stained glass studio is prevalent. In order to properly add another century to your stained glass’ lifespan, having an experienced stained glass artisan conduct the restoration is key. When contacting stained glass studios, they should follow up with an on-site assessment to really determine all the details of your project.

Restoration Process for Sheridan Churches Religious Stained Glass

Our in-depth restoration process can take up to a month for a single stained glass window. Our stained glass artisans are dedicated to restoring your stained glass the right way.

For more information regarding religious stained glass restoration for your Sheridan church, please contact us or give us a call:

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