Your Kansas City Stained Glass Can Be Repaired!

Many buildings here in KC, including churches and homes, have stained glass that is now 100 years old and in need of restoration or repair due to its vintage status. Although it may look like your church’s stained glass is irreversible, we’re here to tell you it probably isn’t the case. By continuing to read, you’ll find out why.

Church Stained Glass That Looks Dingy Can Be Cleaned

Don’t give up on your church stained glass–it can be restored to its previous beauty with a deep cleaning. Our methods will surprise you, as they have worked even when the lead looked ugly and the glass had no shine. Depending on the required repairs, we will clean your Kansas City chapel’s glass either on or off premises. But one thing is certain–after our technicians are finished, you will be amazed at how bright the glass looks.

Chapel Stained Glass That Is Bowing Or Sagging Can Be Rebuilt

Although it may seem like all hope is lost, there are solutions when you see bowing in your wooden or steel frames. But that is okay–we can fix it this. The support structures of these beautiful pieces can often start to bend, sag and bow over time. But this doesn’t mean that the stained glass needs to be replaced entirely!

Not only do we rebuild the frame and structure of your church’s stained glass windows in our studio, but using modern lead additives, we strengthen the stained glass–so it will last well over another 100 years and look amazing.

Church Stained Glass That is Chipped, Cracked Can Be Fixed

Once a church’s stained glass becomes chipped, cracked, or even shatters, it may seem like the end of the line for that window. But never fear! Our skilled craftsman can fix most chips and cracks right in the window.

If your window is significantly damaged, don’t worry! We will take it to our studio and make the repairs there. We can even find replacement glass that perfectly matches existing windows- no matter the color or texture.

Before you get rid of your church’s beautiful stained glass, contact us. Most of the time, these pieces can be salvaged and restored by working with an expert. We care about giving new life to old glass, so reach out today for more information!!

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