Bold & Beautiful Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for Bathrooms in Dallas Homes

bathroom stained glass privacy dallas

Many people are surprised to hear that they can use stained glass in the bathroom windows of their Dallas home. Of course, decorating with stained glass isn’t at all a new trend. But a lot of people assume that these colorful windows are only meant for churches. But what they don’t realize is that architects have been using leaded glass for quite some time.

In fact, famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright referred to these fixtures as “light screens” and included them in many of his designs. Because of their ability to control light and privacy, decorative glass windows are a great choice for areas like bathrooms where you don’t want to block the sun. In this article, we’ll discuss a few different stained glass privacy solutions.

Brilliant Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for Bathrooms

When you’re taking a bubble or getting ready in the morning before work, you don’t want to have to worry about your privacy. Even without meaning to, neighbors might get a glimpse of your bathroom and catch you in an embarrassing state. By opting for bathroom stained glass windows for your Dallas home, you can create a comfortable, secluded space without having to resort to tacky window shades. Here are a few of our favorite privacy solutions.

Prairie Style Stained Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright wasn’t just good at creating houses. He was also a master at designing stained glass windows. Prairie stained glass windows that mimic his style are perfect for creating privacy while still preserving some of the clear glass in your windows.

Art Deco Designs

If you prefer a more modern, contemporary look, you’ll love Art Deco windows. These designs feature bright, brilliant colors along with a mix of clear glass. They’re very artsy looking, which makes them perfect for contemporary interiors.

Get the Privacy You Need

Get the privacy you need for your Dallas home today with bathroom stained glass. Call our team to get started with the process!

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