Choosing Colors and Patterns for Custom Stained Glass

Posted October 23rd, 2023 by Nick Woodward

One of the joys of creating custom stained glass is selecting colors and patterns that reflect your unique taste and style. With an endless spectrum of hues, textures, and designs to consider, the options can feel overwhelming. Follow this guide on thoughtfully choosing colors and patterns for your custom stained glass project in Austin.

Match Your Home’s Color Palette

A great starting point is to look at the dominant colors used across your home’s interior. Choose a few complementary hues that will enhance your existing decor rather than compete with it. You want the stained glass to feel cohesive, not create a jarring clash of color schemes. If your home leans neutral, infuse some vibrancy into a space with the stained glass. For a warmer toned interior, add some cooler tones like blues and greens into the mix.

Consider the Lighting

The lighting of the room where your stained glass will be installed impacts how colors will look. North facing rooms with cool natural light may emphasize blues and violets beautifully. Southern exposures with warm daylight bring out reds, oranges and yellows. Factor in artificial lighting elements too, like bulb temperature and any colored shades. Visit the space at different times of day to observe the lighting nuances.

Emphasize a Color You Love

For a bold statement, choose one vivid hue you adore to be the star. Design your glass pieces to highlight that color predominantly against a more subtle, neutral background. The dazzling punches of your favorite intense shade will mesmerize. Just take care that the color doesn’t clash with surroundings. For example, vibrant orange glass could overwhelm a mostly blue and green interior.

Go for High Contrast

Sometimes maximizing the contrast between colors creates the most dramatic impact. Think deep purple next to bright yellow, or fiery red juxtaposed with aqua blue. High value and saturation differences make colors “pop”. Just beware going overboard into a disjointed palette. Anchor highly contrasting colors with shared tones and textures so they complement rather than compete.

Incorporate Meaningful Symbolism

For personalized art glass, select colors connected to meaningful symbols, themes, or entities. Gold and silver reflect glamour and sophistication. Blue and green evoke natural serenity. Red and violet convey passion and intensity. Work these symbolic colors into your custom design for a deeper spiritual vibe. Just get confirmation from a color psychology guide to avoid conveying unintended meanings.

Texture and Shape Impact

Along with colors, the textures, shapes, and composition of the glass pieces themselves create visual interest. Swirls, cracks, bubbles, smooth transparency, opacity, and more affect how colors display. Long narrow rectangles feel sleek and modern. Diamond, floral, circular, and square patterns lend traditional charm. Play with arranging pieces in geometric or abstract layouts. Experiment with textures against glossy glass. Mixing things up takes your palette to the next level.

Seek Inspiration and Ask for Opinions

With endless options at your disposal, inspiration can unlock ideas. Look at nature, artwork, patterns, decor items, or anything with colors that speak to you. Gather color samples and bring them to the space to preview tonal combinations. Sketch some patterns or review portfolios of stained glass artists to spark possibilities. Seek input from family or your stained glass designer to fine tune the vision.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass

Ready to turn your color and pattern inspiration into a stunning custom stained glass reality? At Scottish Stained Glass, our expert artisans will guide you through the design process to create an original piece that matches your vision perfectly. Learn more about our custom stained glass services in Austin by contacting us through our website today.

Top 10 Most Stunning Stained Glass Installations In and Around Austin

Posted October 10th, 2023 by Nick Woodward
stained glass installations austin

With its rich history and artistic culture, Austin is home to some of the most stunning stained glass creations in Texas. From historic churches to modern museums, here are 10 of the most beautiful stained glass installations that are worth visiting in Austin. Read More

The Most Popular Home-Stained Glass Locations for Austin Homes

Posted December 31st, 2022 by Nick Woodward

Stained glass makes a lovely addition to any home. It is very versatile too. No matter which room you want to add stained glass too, it will fit in just perfectly. Not only because stained glass is timeless, but also because it is easily customized to fit any décor.

Austin’s Top Stained Glass Studio

We have done thousands of stained glass jobs in Austin and around the country this year. Although we have made stained glass features for every room, there are some areas that were most popular this year. Read on and find out the most popular stained glass applications of 2022. 

The Best Places For Stained Glass in Your Austin Home

If you are considering putting stained glass in your Houston home, you first need to decide where to put it. This can be based on where you need it or just where you think it will look best. So, the decision is personal and really just up to you. However, below we listed the most popular locations we installed stained glass this last year to inspire you.

Bathroom Stained Glass in Austin

One of the most frequent places we install stained glass is in the bathroom. This is because a lot of areas in the bathroom require privacy. Bathroom windows that face the street or are a neighbor are always top of this list. However, we also textured stained glass in showers for people who want to add privacy and style

Stained Glass Sidelights for Added Security

Sidelights on either side of a home’s front doors are lovely and a great way to let light into your front hallway. However, they allow people to see into the front area of the home and to know who is home. Adding privacy coverings to those windows is one way to stop this. However, they often block natural light. Stained glass is the perfect way to make this area of your Austin home more private and secure without losing any natural light. 

Stained Glass Transoms for More Curb Appeal

Curb appeal sells homes! It is common knowledge in real estate. So, if you are looking to add curb appeal to a home with transom windows, stained glass is the perfect solution. It is also a great way to filter bright sunlight without blocking it. This addition also adds privacy to these large windows that often let in views of your home’s interior. 

No matter where you want to put stained glass in your Austin home, we are the company to make your decorating dreams come true. Contact us today, and we’ll schedule a free design consultation with you!

Enhance Your Privacy with Stained Glass for Your Austin Home

Posted October 24th, 2022 by Martin Faith
privacy stained glass austin home

Privacy can be hard to come by these days. That’s why an increasing number of homeowners in Austin are turning to creative solutions like privacy stained glass. Read More

Why Stained Glass Should Be Part of Your Austin Bathroom Remodel

Posted March 3rd, 2022 by Martin Faith

Experts say that homeowners are able to regain about 55-65% of bathroom renovation costs when they sell their home. Truly, remodeling your bathroom is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value.

If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom in the near future, one change you should include in your plans is adding stained glass. Here’s what makes bathroom stained glass a great addition to every Austin home remodel. Read More

Create Beautiful Cabinets for Your Austin Home with Stained Glass

Posted August 10th, 2021 by Martin Faith

Cabinets are one of the most defining characteristics in a kitchen. They provide an opportunity to show off excellent craftmanship and add unique details that give your kitchen an upscale, custom look. One great way to enhance your cabinets is by adding stained glass.

Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite cabinet stained glass ideas for Austin homes.

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Sophisticated Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for the Bathroom of Your Austin Home

Posted January 9th, 2020 by Martin Faith
stained glass privacy austin bathroom

Have you ever started getting ready in your bathroom and felt uncomfortable because you don’t have any privacy? Chances are, none of your neighbors are watching. But it’s the principle of the matter. No one likes being exposed for all the world to see. Some parts of life are simply private.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, then you’ll love these stained glass privacy solutions for Austin homes. Sophisticated enough for any modern bathroom, these stained glass additions are a sure way to get the discreet atmosphere and peace of mind you need.

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Stained Glass Ideas for Irish Pubs in Austin

Posted November 23rd, 2019 by Martin Faith
irish pub stained glass austin

We know… an Irish bar is probably the last place you would think to look for some fantastic artwork. But the truth is, countless bars and pubs in Dublin have beautiful works of art. Believe it or not, Irish pubs have some incredible stained glass windows.

So if you’re looking for a way to create an authentic vibe for your Austin Irish pub, stained glass is definitely the way to go. Here are a few different ways you can decorate your pub with stained and leaded glass windows.

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To Repair or Remove? A Closer Look at Repairing Stained Glass for Historical Homes in Austin

Posted October 9th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass repair austin historic homes

Moving into a historical home can be a lot of work, but also a very rewarding experience. Historic properties are chock full of character, unique architectural details, and, if you’re lucky enough, stained glass windows.

Stained glass windows are a beautiful decorative element to have in a home, though they do require some care. If your stained glass is quite old, it may be in need of repairs.

As a homeowner who’s recently spent a great deal of money on moving into a new home, you may wonder, is it worth the expense? Well, it depends on the situation. Here’s how to determine whether it’s better to remove or repair the stained glass in your Austin home.

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How to Create a Beautiful Entryway for your Austin Home with Stained Glass

Posted September 14th, 2019 by Martin Faith
entryway stained glass austin

Sometimes, the reactions that we get from homeowners who have never seen entryway stained glass are amusing. They’re stunned to find out that leaded glass windows are for more than just churches. But once they get a glimpse of the intricate designs, the glass dazzling in the sun between clean, elegant lines of lead, and the beautiful bevel clusters, they become a fan right away.

The fact is, stained glass makes an excellent addition to entryways. And in recent years, there’s been a resurgence in its popularity. Many modern decorators and interior designs are avid fans of stained glass. It’s both beautiful and useful because it enhances the functionality of ordinary entryway windows and front doors.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few of our favorite ways to use entryway stained glass in Austin homes.

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Retail Design Inspiration for Austin Businesses: the Stained Glass Windows at Altar’d State

Posted May 16th, 2019 by Martin Faith
retail stained glass austin

Retail is a competitive industry. If you want your business to be successful, you’ve got to find some way to stand out from all of your competitors. How can you show your customers that you offer something that the guy next door doesn’t? One way to accomplish this is by being creative with the design of your storefront and interior. If you need a little bit of inspiration for your retail design in Austin, our stained glass window project for Altar’d State may help spark your imagination!

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Beautiful Places to Put Prairie Stained Glass in Your Austin Home

Posted May 2nd, 2019 by Martin Faith
prairie stained glass austin

Prairie stained glass is a great way to add a touch of color and class to your Austin home. And it can be installed in almost any window frame. With so much flexibility, many homeowners find it tough to decide where to install stained glass in the first place. Here are a few simple suggestions to keep in mind when picking the perfect windows.

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Stained Glass Repair Solutions for Historic Churches in Austin

Posted March 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass repair austin churches

Today, some of Austin’s historic churches are nearing an age where they are more than one hundred years old. In fact, one of Austin’s oldest churches, St. David’s Episcopal Church in downtown Austin, is over 150 years old. Many of these old religious buildings are very solid in structure, but they contain elements that need regular care, such as stained glass windows.

Stained glass, when it gets to a certain age, starts to lose its structural integrity from years of being exposed to the rain, heat, and climate conditions. Lead heats up, melts into a new shape, and then hardens once it cools down, becoming slowly distorted over time. This puts pressure on the glass pieces, often so much that they start to crack or fall out. By opting for stained glass repair, Austin churches can preserve their stained glass windows and keep their beautiful historic building fully intact so it can be enjoyed by future members of the congregation.

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Beautiful Churches in Austin with Stained Glass Windows

Posted February 14th, 2019 by Martin Faith
austin church stained glass windows

The city of Austin is known for its vibrant music and entertainment scene. But did you know that it’s also home to some of the most beautiful church stained glass windows? It’s true! People from all over the country visit these stunning churches just for the opportunity to gaze at the incredible detail and evidence of fine craftsmanship shown in the stained glass. For this reason, these churches have become a popular destination for weddings, cultural tours, baptisms, and celebrations.

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Benefits of Custom Stained Glass for Your Austin Church

Posted February 1st, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained glass has played a large role in churches for centuries. Originally, stained glass was utilized as a tool for teaching the illiterate about the teachings of the Bible. Today, stained glass continues to play a significant role in churches, offering inspiration and meaningful symbolism for congregation members. Stained glass often becomes a highly treasured part of any church, providing unique perceptions of every service for each individual member. Custom stained glass offers numerous benefits for any Austin church.

Advantages of Custom Stained Glass for Austin Churches

Custom stained glass gives churches the perfect medium for conveying what’s important to them. By showcasing specific values, important figures, and inspiring quotes, stained glass can really improve the worshiping process while offering a significant piece of art for your community. When properly cared for, stained glass can last for centuries, allowing churches to really create longstanding works of art that are full of meaningful symbolism. Custom stained glass has a very large range for pricing– churches can create simple, geometric designs to stunning, cathedral-style painted glass. Stained glass can be treasured from generation to generation, becoming an important part of your community. Historical value is easily achieved with this medium, creating lasting inspiration and hope.

Design Process for Custom Stained Glass in Austin Churches

Scottish Stained Glass has been offering industry-leading custom stained glass services for over two decades. We’ve worked with countless churches in their stained glass efforts and have produced stunning results. We’re passionate about religious stained glass and its impact on the community. That’s why we offer free consultations to churches and houses of worship throughout the Austin area. Work with us to create the stained glass investment that’s true to your church. The design process is the funnest part!

For more information regarding custom stained glass for your Austin church, please contact us!

Benefits of Installing Stained Glass in Your Austin Home’s Entryway

Posted August 5th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Austin’s culture embraces individuality and innovation to the fullest, and our homes are no exception. One easy way to help your home stand out is with gorgeous stained glass. Austin homeowners can experience both practical and aesthetic benefits when they incorporate stained glass into their front entryway.

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Austin Privacy Solutions: Unique Ways Stained Class Can Provide Privacy in Entryways, Bathrooms, and More

Posted July 2nd, 2018 by Martin Faith

Austin has some of the most unique real estate featured throughout the nation. Many homeowners are always looking for projects that can increase property equity, improve curb appeal, while also addressing privacy needs within their Austin homes. Stained glass provides an excellent, creative privacy solution that’s both effective and beautiful. Stained glass meets all these project needs and can be incorporated in many areas throughout your home including entryways, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices, and much more.

Privacy Stained Glass for Your Austin Home

Stained glass is a wonderful privacy solution for Austin homeowners who are looking for both elegance and effectiveness. Leaded stained glass obscures all unwanted views into your home from nosy neighbors or onlookers. Leaded stained glass delivers such a timeless look as well that serves for contemporary themed homes. Colorful, traditional stained glass can also obscure unwanted views and can be incorporated into many different interior design themes. Both leaded and colorful stained glass allows natural light transmission which can promote a welcoming, bright look within your home. For those looking to limit natural light transmissions, certain colored stained glass options are available as well.

What is Scottish Stained Glass? from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

Design Process for Privacy Stained Glass for Austin Homes

We like to begin each privacy stained glass process with an in-home consultation. This allows our local stained glass artisans to better understand your home’s individual needs and challenges. We also determine your project goals and privacy requirements in this consultation. Our stained glass artisan then sits down with you to begin hand-sketching your design ideas. Each stained glass feature is custom created to guarantee your complete satisfaction and to make sure it fits perfectly in your home. We utilize state-of-the-art computer-aided design software and Photoshop to perfect your stained glass design.

For more information regarding privacy stained glass for your Austin home, please contact us or call: (512) 539-0455

Austin Religious Stained Glass Repair: Where to Begin?

Posted April 22nd, 2018 by Martin Faith
austin religious stained glass repair

For many churches, stained glass conservation is an important topic. Preserving stained glass allows future generations to enjoy it. Aged stained glass windows can also be very valuable to a church for monetary reasons, especially if the windows are old enough to be antique. That’s why many churches opt to have their stained glass restored instead of replacing it when it starts to deteriorate or becomes damaged. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits for Austin religious stained repair and the restoration process.

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How To Care For Stained Glass Windows in Your Austin Home

Posted April 10th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Care For Austin Homeowners

Many homeowners with stained glass windows may not realize it but the glass in stained glass isn’t any weaker than that of any other window.  It is just much more difficult to manufacture, repair and replace, should something happen to it. Also, stained glass is a piece of art, meaning, you want to keep it looking its best for as long as you can.  It is for these reasons that it is essential to properly care for and maintain your glass. Below are a few tips as to how to do this and provided your stained glass was properly crafted in the first place, the stained glass windows in your Austin home could it 80-100 years before needing repair.

Combat Stained Glass Damage By Cleaning Your Glass

Regular maintenance is essential for the long life and luster of your glass.  Dirt and debris will build up on glass, just like they will anywhere else. This makes glass dull and could lead to so much build up that getting your glass’s clarity back is expensive and time-consuming.  A light brush with a duster or gently soapy water is all you need– and very little pressure.

Combat Stained Glass Damage With Regular Professional Cleanings

Having your stained glass cleaned by a professional once a year is a good idea, especially if you are one to forget monthly cleanings.  A professionally, like Scottish Window Tinting, has the right tools to reach high windows, the proper cleaning solvents, and just the right touch, so as not to scrub too hard and break the glass.  You will be shocked at the difference in the vibrancy of your glass after your professional cleaning is done and your stained glass is back to its original luster!

Keep An Eye Out For Small Damage

When weather gets rough it can cause minor damage to many things including stained glass.  Also, even though stained glass is durable, accidents happen or time takes its toll on your glass causing breakage, chips or scratches.   Thes smaller problems can be fixed easily and quickly and don’t cost a ton. However, if you wait until these become bigger problems, it could cost you a lot.  What may seem like a small fissure or divet now, could quickly turn into a bigger problem, so always keep an eye on your stained glass and inspect it regularly for damage.  If you see damage be sure to call a professional stained glass repair company, like Scottish Stained Glass, right away!

Watch this video for more information on stained glass in your Austin home:

For more information on stained glass maintenance and repair, contact us today!



How To Create a Handcrafted Look for Your Austin Home with Stained Glass

Posted April 4th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Austin has always been renowned for its unique art and cultural scene. Austin homes are no different– with so many different, unique aesthetics laced throughout various Austin neighborhoods, homeowners are always looking for their next home renovation project. Stained glass offers homeowners a creative way to create a handcrafted look in their homes. These highly customizable pieces can transform any existing room by adding that rustic touch.

Creating the Handcrafted Look with Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass has decades of experience creating custom stained glass for various clients throughout the Austin area. We love creating the handcrafted look in our stained glass, adding a beautiful rustic theme for your home. If custom stained glass isn’t a budget friendly option for you, our large inventory of pre-made stained glass panels has the aesthetic you’re searching for. Leaded glass offers the most elegant, timeless look with clear, textured glass that actually offers privacy and high natural light transmissions. Leaded glass is great for the handcrafted look, transforming any room in your Austin home. Colorful stained glass can definitely be incorporated for pops of color or utilized in mural stained glass panels. There are endless opportunities for incorporating stained glass into your home– cabinets, home bars, bathrooms, living rooms, and more.

Scottish Stained Glass on My Big Amazing Renovation from Scottish Stained Glass – Sub on Vimeo.

Custom Handcrafted Stained Glass for Your Austin Home

Custom is always the way to go when it comes to finding the right handcrafted aesthetic for your Austin home. Our team of local stained glass artisans are happy to sit down with you to create the perfect investment piece that compliments the design theme of your home. Our state-of-the-art rendering software allows us to print finalized images of your custom stained glass installed into your home before we begin creating it. This allows you to make the most informed decision regarding your stained glass investment.

For more information regarding handcrafted stained glass for your Austin home, please contact us or call: (512) 539-0455

Stained Glass Through Time: The Evolution of Stained Glass as an Art in Austin

Posted March 18th, 2018 by Martin Faith
austin stained glass through time

The term stained glass can refer to two different things. Stained glass can mean glass that has been dyed using metallic salts to produce a colorful appearance. Or, more commonly, it can also mean windows composed of multiple pieces of colorful assembled and constructed together within a single pane to create a colorful design.

Over the years, stained glass has evolved greatly as a form of art. While it was once used for simple purposes, such as creating jewelry or pottery, it now holds a greater importance in the world of architecture. In Austin, stained glass can commonly be found in luxury homes, high end establishments, and various types of religious buildings. Some of these works are older and more traditional looking, while others are brand new and highly contemporary.

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Benefits of Restoring Stained Glass in Austin’s Historic Theaters, Museums, and Restaurants

Posted March 7th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Austin’s historic theater, museum, and restaurant owners agree that preserving the antique stained glass features is significant in multiple ways. Stained glass windows add a lot of character and history important to these types of establishments– many customers may be inspired or emotionally tied to these beautiful, unique pieces of art. Historic stained glass begins to deteriorate when they’re around 75 – 100 years old. That’s why more and more antique stained glass pieces are now under consideration for restoration. Did you know that proper stained glass restoration can actually lead to another 100 years of product life?

The Importance of Preserving Heritage Through Stained Glass Restoration

Stained glass has often been used as an expressive medium in the past– artists can convey messages relying heavily on symbolism and imagery. Preserving these pieces of heritage and history can actually increase antique value, improve commercial property equity, as well as attract and retain customers to your establishment. The restoration process can definitely end up being a great ROI and preserves these one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Austin commercial property owners agree that increasing investment property value is always significant, especially when it can help heritage features remain available to the community.

Stained Glass Restoration from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

How to Get Started on Your Historic Stained Glass Restoration Project

If your stained glass is displaying any signs of deterioration or damage, it’s important to have experienced stained glass artisans complete an on-site assessment. This assessment allows us to analyze causes of damage while providing more accurate estimates and determining if the stained glass is worth restoring, repairing, or replacing. We like to help our customers make the most informed decisions, offering different options and price points. If you decide to preserve your piece of history, we carefully deliver the stained glass to our repair studio for the restoration process.

For more information regarding historic stained glass restoration, please give us a call: (512) 539-0455

Should Your Congregation Repair Or Replace The Stained Glass On Your Austin Church?

Posted March 7th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Replacing And Repairing Stained Glass On Austin Churches

Stained glass windows are as beautiful as they are cherished by the parishioners that adore them. So much so here in Austin that, it is no wonder we, Scottish Stained Glass, get quite a few inquiries from church pastors and congregations trying to decide whether to replace or repair the stained glass windows in their chapel. Perhaps they are sagging, dirty, chipped and cracked, or even missing pieces of glass and look beyond repair, but they are over 100 years old and possibly very valuable–what to do? While there is no simple answer, below is some guidance on antique church stained glass to give you an idea of what to do next.

Weigh The Cost Of Replacing Vs. Repairing Stained Glass Windows

The cost of restoring some badly damaged stained glass windows, large ones, in particular, can be very expensive, however, once it is restored, the value of this antique stained glass window can be up to four times the value of a new window. So while a new window may be less upfront, it will be decades before it builds the value of an antique. In regards to the cost, at Scottish Stained Glass Austin, we may be able to give you advice on fundraising drives like we have seen other churches do to restore your gorgeous stained glass. This is a project we have seen most congregations eagerly support.

Understand That Scottish Stained Glass Can Match Your Existing Glass

A lot of customers that come to us, do not initially consider restoration because they believe that the antique glass cannot be matched. Make no mistake, matching old glass techniques is difficult but, as some of the most skilled stained glass repair artists in the state of Texas, we have access to the finest custom glass manufacturers in the world and can make or have made exact matches to your current glass. We also have developed special methods for removing and restoring massive church stained glass windows The process is lengthy and could take months but will restore these windows of sentimental and monetary value to their original luster and beauty, making them last for decades to come.

Consider The History Of Your Glass

Most importantly, don’t forget what a long and glorious history your Austin church stained glass comes with. If your stained glass is very old (dating back to the early-mid 20th century) it is possible your church’s stained glass windows were designed and built by a master craftsman of the time making them valuable and something that plays an important part of the history of your church. In this case, investing in an extensive stained glass repair project may well be the best choice for your congregation.

Scottish Stained Glass For Your Austin Church Stained Glass Restoration

If your church stained glass shows signs of wear it is a good idea to have Scottish Stained Glass come in and consult with you. In the case of very old stained glass, it is best not to wait because the damage will only grow worse and more costly to repair over time. Contact us today for a free, onsite consultation of your Austin church stained glass.

Austin Church Stained Glass Restoration: When Is It Necessary?

Posted March 3rd, 2018 by Martin Faith

Over the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve worked with many churches and religious groups in the Austin area. Some of the oldest stained glass windows that we’ve seen in Austin are in churches, temples, and religious buildings. For this reason, our church projects are most often restorations.

When we are approached by a church or religious group, one of the first questions they usually ask is How can I tell if my Austin church stained glass windows need restoration? In this post, we’ll outline the steps one can take to conduct an inspection of the condition of the glass, when a professional should be called in, and how to raise funds for restoration projects.

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Painted Stained Restoration Experts For Your Austin Church Windows

Posted February 20th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass:  Austin’s Premiere Painted Stained Glass Artist

Painted stained glass involves a difficult but rewarding process that we, at Scottish Stained Glass, have taken years to master.  The process for painting stained glass is absolutely fascinating but requires years of extensive experience to become proficient in, which is why we have spent almost 30 years learning this age-old craft. Whether the painted stained glass in your Austin church is old or new, at Scottish, we can readily handle any scope of work–even restorations. As such, we are the specialists in original and restoration painted stained glass. To get a better understanding of the intricate processes involved in crafting your one-of-a-kind painted stained glass masterpiece, we have outlined a few of the particulars below.

The Long and Lovely Tradition Painted Stained Glass Tradition

There is no question as to whether painted stained glass is a perfectly unique way to add character and charm to your  Austin, in fact, you may already have some in your church.  However, while it may appear simple, this art form is actually achieved through a complicated, and arguably, scientific method.  This is because colors you see on painted stained glass are brought about through the use of complicated chemical interactions of different minerals and oils.

Painted Stained Glass Method 1

The artist starts with colored glass and paints special black paint made of oils and minerals onto it.  This piece of glass is then fired in our kiln at 1250-1450 for a couple of hours until the paint melts into the glass.  The paint then becomes part of the glass and will never rub off or be removed.

Painted Stained Glass Method 2

The second method involves clear glass.  During this process, colors are painted on a clear piece of glass one at a time and fired in between layers of color to build up layers of shading or color. Any color that involves the use of yellow can be particularly difficult in this method as the chemical used for yellows color (silver staining) is very toxic and will destroy other colors.  For this reason, when trying to achieve the color green for instance, the toxic yellow must be painted on the opposite side of the glass as the blue paint in order to keep the yellow from damaging the blue paint.

Scottish Stained Glass: A Painted Stained Glass Specialist For Austin, Texas

Matching styles on restoration projects is always a challenge and involves figuring out exactly what type of techniques the original artist used.  For example, sometimes artists would black paint on their glass and then use a dowel to rub off part of the black paint–giving the piece texture.  This same method was also used to scribe in individual elements like blades of glass.  Whatever the original technique was used our in-house artists do work hard and sometimes do multiple iterations to exactly mimic the original look of your chapel’s stained glass.
Learn more about the history of stained glass here or watch the video below.

Difficult as it may be, we love a challenge here at Scottish Stained Glass and take great pride in what we do. Contact us to find out more about original or restoration painted stained glass for your Austin Church today!

Our Technique for Restoring Austin’s 100 Year Old Church Stained Glass

Posted January 30th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass has been honored to restore some of Austin’s beautiful, historic church stained glass windows. We love the feeling of restoring and bringing sentimental, symbolic stained glass pieces back to life, really giving back to the Austin church community. While it may be hard deciding if you’d rather replace or restore your existing church stained glass, our team of local stained glass artisans can provide you with all the information you need in making that decision. Our extensive stained glass restoration process ensures your church stained glass windows have another 100 years.

Austin Church Stained Glass Restoration Process

Church stained glass in Austin can definitely range in age, style, and size; luckily, we have over 25 years of experience handling church projects of any size! The restoration process begins with an on-site assessment. The assessment allows our team of experts to analyze all the root problems causing deterioration of the stained glass and/or lead frame. Once our assessment is complete, we carefully remove your stained glass window and take it back to our repair shop. From there, we let your stained glass panels soak in a proprietary soap mixture for at least two weeks, guaranteeing that all pieces of dirt and impurity built up from the last 100 years is removed.

Replicating the Original Glass in Your Austin Church Stained Glass

If we can’t find the perfect glass match in our inventory of over 50,000 pieces of stained glass, we have the glass custom made mimicking color, style, and texture. If your church stained glass contains any painted glass, our design experts can replicate the painted technique in restoration. Once all pieces are restored or replaced, we rebuild your window with new pieces of lead and tin, strengthening all the joints and frames. A black cement is applied which is forced into all the cracks, further strengthening your glass.

Once we polish off all the black cement and reinstall your restored stained glass window, you and your congregation will be stunned by the new, fresh appearance of your original glass!

Call today to schedule an on-site consultation on restoring your stained glass: (512) 539-0455

Creative Transom Stained Glass Designs for Your Austin Home

Posted January 4th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Austin is well-known for their vast art scene featuring numerous museums, theaters, art galleries, and music venues. With so much culture and activities offered, Austin’s population is the highest growing trend in all of Texas. According to Forbes, Austin is currently the second highest most over-valued housing market in the U.S., making it a consistent seller’s market. That’s great news for Austin homeowners looking for home renovations. A great idea for a low-key renovation project is updating your transom windows!

Transom Stained Glass Windows

Transom windows are generally smaller windows located above main windows, in-home doorways, and main entryways. With so many creative options in styling and color, these custom stained glass pieces can really transform any Austin home. Stained glass transoms really offers unique, artistic flair, making your Austin home stand out. From simple to elegant looks, stained glass transoms also provide privacy so your next door neighbors can’t see in from any floor of their home.

Transom windows are typically an outdated look built into older homes, so replacing them with stained glass is the perfect way to remodel them into contemporary pieces of art without having to compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Creative Examples of Transom Stained Glass Windows

Transom windows located above in-home doorways can often be out-of-date, making stained glass the perfect remodeling option:

This renovation our creative, local glass artisan team completed adds a touch of elegance and simplicity to an otherwise vintage home feature.

Colorful stained glass transom windows really bring that artistic touch Austin is known for:

This great stained glass addition adds privacy as well as curb appeal, really making this Austin home stand out!

Any unique transoms can be transformed with stained glass, without having to sacrifice that beautiful natural light, privacy, or aesthetics:

Call today for an in-home consultation on how we can transform your outdated transom windows: (512) 539-0455

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass is a perfect addition to Austin’s many prairie style homes!

Posted September 10th, 2017 by Martin Faith

Did you know that many of the craftsman homes in Austin are actually inspired by the works of a famous 20th century architect? Many of these homes are fashioned in what’s referred to as the “prairie style” a design created by the famous artist Frank Lloyd Wright. Among other things, Frank Lloyd Wright was an artist and stained glass designer. In Austin, a city known for its richness in culture and devotion to the art’s, Frank Lloyd Wright’s work continues to live on in the many prairie style craftsman homes located throughout the city.

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Ideas for Decorating with Stained Glass in Your Austin Home

Posted May 11th, 2017 by Martin Faith
stained glass window austin

Decorating your home can be quite the challenge. From colors and patterns to fabrics and finishes, there’s so much to consider when it comes to interior design. Want to know one way you can really make your plans come together? Add a stained glass window to your Austin home!

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