Modern Takes on Traditional Stained Glass Styles

Posted October 23rd, 2023 by Nick Woodward

Stained glass has captivated people for centuries with its radiant beauty and ability to transform a space. While historically prevalent in churches, stained glass continues growing in popularity for residential settings today. Homeowners in Houston and beyond seek to infuse traditional stained glass elegance into modern homes. This blending of old and new results in contemporary iterations of classic stained glass styles.

Abstract and Geometric Stained Glass 

Traditional stained glass often featured religious figures, floral motifs, and natural scenes. Modern abstract and geometric styles offer fresh spins on vintage looks. Bold shapes and striking color combinations replace literal representations. Triangles, circles, diamonds, lines, and other designs interlace for visual impact. These contemporary abstracts allow ample natural light transmission while adding modern flair.

Textured Stained Glass

Another way to achieve a modern feel is by incorporating textured stained glass. Options like crackle glass containing intentional lines and indentations provide visual depth. Layering clear textured glass over colored panels boosts dimension. Frosted and etched glass also scatter light for diffusion without obscuring views. Combining gloss and matte textures creates appealing contrasts. This adds spirit and warmth to any modern decor.

Metallic Accents

While traditional stained glass relied on painted details, modern versions incorporate metallic elements for shimmer. Copper foil adding definition between pieces offers a glinting accent. Silver or gold soldering highlights cleaner lines compared to antiqued lead. And using the sleek industrial metal itself as framing provides an ultra-modern complement to the glass. Metallic touches allow stained glass to feel refined, current and on-trend.

Mixed Media Stained Art Glass

Some cutting-edge stained glass art incorporates additional media like wood, metal, stone, photography and resin. For example, pieces may combine handblown glass elements with carved woodframes. Or a nature-inspired stained glass window could feature an embedded metal branch sculpture. Photographic overlays can modernize traditional motifs. The blend of unexpected materials creates intriguing textures and depth. This novel mixed media approach propels stained glass into fresh modern settings.

Illuminated and Backlit

While stunning on its own, stained glass becomes even more impactful when illuminated. Today’s lighting technologies like LED and fiber optics introduce new ways to spotlight glasswork. Colors gleam richer when lit from within. Hidden light sources create a magical glow. Some installations even allow dynamic light shows behind glass. This marries old world artisanship with new world tech for dramatic modern displays.

Minimalist and Simple

Finally, stained glass can adopt a very modern look when the design itself remains minimalist and simple. Think plain geometric shapes, subtle neutral tones, and plenty of negative space framing transparent glass. The beauty is in stripped-down elegance rather than elaborate ornamentation. This restraint allows the glass, light, and clean lines to shine.

Achive a Modern Feel

Whether your home decor vision trends traditional, eclectic, minimalist, or ultra-modern, stained glass can complement it beautifully. By thoughtfully blending time-honored artistry with contemporary styles, stained glass adapts seamlessly into 21st-century homes.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass

Ready to realize your own modern stained glass dreams? Scottish Stained Glass’s master artisans skillfully marry innovative styles with impeccable craftsmanship. Visit us online at to view our portfolio and request a custom quote for your Houston home. To learn more about our stained glass services for residential and commercial settings, contact us through our website today. We look forward to collaborating with you on a modern stained glass masterpiece!

10 Most Beautiful Stained Glass Installations In and Around Houston

Posted October 6th, 2023 by Nick Woodward
stained glass installations houston

Houston is a city that is rich in art and culture, and one of the most beautiful forms of art that can be found in Houston is stained glass. Stained glass is a type of art that involves the use of colored glass to create beautiful designs and images. In this blog, we will be exploring the 6 most beautiful stained glass installations in and around Houston. Read More

Beautiful Entryways with Stained Glass for Your Houston Home

Posted October 24th, 2022 by Martin Faith

When you meet someone new for the first time, you want to look your best. You put on your best outfit, style your hair, and try to make a good impression. Your home is no different. Your entryway is the first thing that guests see when they come to visit your home, so it’s important that it makes a good impression. With entryway stained glass, Houston homeowners can create an alluring entrance that looks inviting and enticing to visitors. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite entryways to give you inspiration! Read More

Beautiful Stained Glass Interior Doors for Your Houston Home

Posted March 3rd, 2022 by Martin Faith

Open layouts are all the rage these days. Having an open layout can make your home seem larger and more inviting. Natural light flows freely through the interior and your home is easier to navigate. But when it comes to privacy, an open layout can cause problems and you simply need a little separation. That’s what makes stained glass interior doors for your Houston home such a great option! Below, we’ve listed some beautiful examples for you to look at. Read More

Should I Repair My Victorian Stained Glass Windows or Get New Ones?

Posted August 30th, 2021 by Martin Faith

If you own a Victorian home in this Houston that has stained glass windows, the odds are it needs repair or restoration. This is because stained glass needs repair or restoration about every 80-100 years and the Victorian period was over 100 years ago. Many homeowners come to us wondering if their Victorian home stained glass is worth repairing.  We always encourage people to have their vintage stained glass repaired rather than removed.  Read below to find out why.

Victorian  Stained Glass Is has Monetary Value

While it may not seem like much, the Victorian stained glass could be worth quite a bit of money.  This depends on a few variables like the quality of the restoration and the housing market. However, Victorian stained glass in the US is getting increasingly rare. This means the value of these antique windows will likely continue to rise and your  Houston home price along with it.  While the value of each window is unique, you can expect it to appraise for at least 4x that of a new stained glass window!  

Victorian Vintage Stained Glass Is Historical Value

Since Victorian stained glass is an antique, it has monetary value.  However, it also has historical value too. The historical value can come from who built the stained glass windows.  It can also come from the types of materials that were used to create your Victorian stained glass window.  Finally, the location of your home and/or who commissioned the original window have a big influence on the historical value.   This means  By keeping and restoring the stained glass you are doing your part to keep a part of Houston’s history alive. 

No matter what you decide to do with your Victorian home’s stained glass, you should start by getting it inspected and/or appraised to find out who made it and when and to access any damage.  Contact us today for pricing and to schedule an appointment. 

Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom with Stained Glass in Houston

Posted August 5th, 2021 by Martin Faith
bathroom stained glass houston

Have you ever gazed longingly at photos of beautiful bathrooms in home magazines or on social media, wishing you could achieve that same level of elegance and grandeur? Well, guess what, you can! With stained glass, you can finally achieve the beautiful bathroom of your dreams.

Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite bathroom stained glass ideas for Houston homes. Read More

Can Restoring Stained Glass Pay for Itself?

Posted February 23rd, 2020 by Martin Faith
restoring stained glass houston ROI

When churches come to us in need of stained glass restoration, they often have a lot of questions. Of course, they’re concerned about the well-being of their stained glass. Oftentimes, the stained glass has been part of the church for a very long time. But they’re also concerned about the cost. They wonder, how much will the church have to pay for repairs? Is it worth all of the hassle and expense?

Because of the abundance of misinformation online, churches often have no idea what to expect. Meanwhile, the stained glass may have deteriorated to the point where pieces are falling out. They come to us stressed out and looking for answers.

We’re here to put these worries at ease. Yes, stained glass restoration will cost your Houston church some money, but it could be worth it in the long run. In the end, you may benefit financially from the investment. Here’s how.

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3 Reasons Why Houston Church Stained Glass Is Important to Restore

Posted December 19th, 2019 by Martin Faith
houston church stained glass restore

Houston is known for its contributions to space exploration, its delicious Gulf seafood, and beautiful sunny beaches. But that’s not all. Locals know that it’s also home to some of the most enchanting stained glass windows in the country.

Step into one of Houston’s oldest churches and you will instantly be mesmerized by the beauty of the stained glass. As sunlight seeps through the glass, a brilliant array of vivid colors wash over the interior. It’s truly a sight to behold.

But beauty isn’t the only thing that stained glass windows bring to the table. They’re also an important part of history.

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Make Your Commercial Space Stand Out with Historical Stained Glass Restoration in Houston

Posted October 9th, 2019 by Martin Faith
historical stained glass restoration houston

If you want to succeed in business, your brand needs to stand out from the crowd. Just take a quick trip to any shopping center or strip mall. You’ll notice right away that some stores are getting more traffic than others. Why? Because they’ve found a way to stand out among the competition.

This rule applies to all industries, from restaurants to hospitality and even commercial office buildings. Appearances matter in the business world.

That’s what makes historical stained glass restoration perfect for Houston businesses. Giving your vintage stained glass windows a little bit of love and attention can really make them shine and bring the colors to life. In turn, more people will notice your business and you’ll generate more sales.

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Modern Stained Glass Design for Houston Bathrooms

Posted September 8th, 2019 by Martin Faith
modern bathroom stained glass houston

There’s something about a bright, sunlit home that warms the heart and eases the mind. Having natural light in your home is important. It keeps your energy costs low, boosts your mood, and keeps you from getting sick. But in some areas of your home, you need privacy, so it’s not always ideal to have the curtains drawn back. The solution? Bathroom stained glass. Houston homeowners can use decorative and leaded glass windows to create privacy without blocking light.

And the great thing is, there are tons of modern styles out there today. Sure, everyone appreciates the classic looks. But in a modern home, some of the older, more colorful designs can feel out of place. Contemporary styles with clear glass look more fitting in modern homes. They provide the same benefits like light and privacy but they blend much better with the architecture and decor in contemporary homes. Here are some of our favorite modern designs.

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Benefits Of Stained Glass Restoration Over Removal for Houston Churches

Posted July 9th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass removal vs restoration houston

Do you have stained glass windows in your church that are cracked or falling apart? Before you remove them, you should consider looking into stained glass restoration in Houston instead.

Stained glass windows are beautiful. And while they’re very strong, they don’t last forever. When stained glass windows start to deteriorate, they can become a safety concern. Pieces of glass can fall out and break furniture or land on someone’s head.

Of course, this is an alarming situation. You don’t want anyone to get hurt. But do you really want to throw out something so beautiful and meaningful? Instead, you can opt for stained glass restoration from a Houston expert.

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Antique Residential Houston Stained Glass Restoration

Posted June 6th, 2019 by Martin Faith
antique residential houston stained glass restoration

If you have noticed signs of wear in your rare or antique residential Houston stained glass, restoration may be your best chance of preserving your stained glass. In this article, we’ve discussed some of the reasons for preserving antique stained glass and also explained a little about the repair process.

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Custom Stained Glass Installation Benefits for Houston Temples and Churches

Posted April 3rd, 2019 by Martin Faith
custom stained glass houston churches

There is perhaps no art form more elegant and appealing than stained glass. For hundreds of years, stained glass has retained its prominence in religious architecture, bring light, radiance, and color to the holy places where it resides. In the light of the sun, it shines like an opalescent gem, and its texture and intricate detail create an aesthetic so fascinating that it’s hard to look away.

Stained glass is not only a beautiful feature for a church to possess, but it’s also traditional. Once used as a way to spread the messages in religious text, stained glass has played a significant role in religious history, and continues to do so today. Many churches, around the world and in Houston, add custom stained glass to their building as a way of honoring tradition.

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Six Popular Types of Stained Glass to Add Beauty to Your Houston Home

Posted August 5th, 2018 by Martin Faith
stained glass styles houston

Stained glass has a long history of adding beauty to buildings and residences in many forms. Below, we’ve detailed six of the most popular types of stained glass are often installed in Houston homes of varying tastes and styles.

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Creating Beautiful Stained Glass Designs for Any Budget with Scottish Stained Glass Houston

Posted July 2nd, 2018 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be the industry leading custom stained glass studio serving the Houston, Texas area. We specialize in residential, commercial, and religious stained glass, successfully completing over 80,000 custom stained glass projects across the nation. We’ve worked on several budget-conscious projects and can definitely help bring your design ideas to fruition regardless of your budget.

Budget-Friendly Custom Stained Glass for Your Houston Home or Business

We like to begin every custom stained glass project with a free on-site consultation. This appointment allows us to evaluate the space, size of the project, all in addition to your project goals, requirements, and challenges. We can always provide an accurate estimate of your project based on this consultation and are happy to show you compromises in order to ensure all your budget requirements are met. Since we custom build every stained glass piece, every component is made-in-house. This allows more flexibility when it comes to budgeting as well. We have the largest inventory of miscellaneous stained glass pieces in order to ensure we have the right color and texture you’re looking for. We can always custom blow individual glass pieces as well.

Fundraising Efforts for Houston Religious Stained Glass Restoration

Many Houston churches feature beautiful, antique stained glass pieces. A lot of these stained glass windows are reaching the age of deterioration– proper restoration can preserve your religious stained glass while returning them to their original state. Restoration can be a costly project, that’s why Scottish Stained Glass offers our help with fundraising efforts. We’ve successfully completed religious stained glass restoration projects that were 100% backed by fundraising efforts. No matter what your budget is, fundraising can always help you reach project goals.

For more information regarding custom stained glass or religious stained glass restoration in Houston, please contact us or call: (713) 827-8908

The Three Ways Stained Glass Affects The Value Of Your Houston Home

Posted May 17th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Increases The Value Of Your Houston Home In More Ways Than One

As you well know, stained glass is stunning and also adds elegance to any home it graces. However, what you may not know is just how much-stained glass can be worth to you when you sell your Houston home. That’s right, stained glass windows are known not just to hold their value extremely well but also to increase the value of your home dramatically. The impact stained glass has on your home is three-fold and we’ve explained each below.

How Stained Glass Affects The Sale Of Your Houston Home

Stained Glass Windows Increases The Sale Price Of Your Home

Stained glass has proven return on investment that is known to make homes with it appraise for much higher than homes without it. In fact, for a stained glass window that you pay $300–the appraisal value can be expected to be $3000 in market value. Many stained glass windows appraise for more than $100 per square foot. This means by investing a little in stained glass today, you can be sure your home not only holds its value but gains a significant amount too!

Stained Glass Windows Gives Your Houston Home Curb Appeal

Buyers look for curb appeal in a new home. Since stained glass is bright, beautiful and highly visible from the outside (especially stained glass in entryway windows), it speaks to buyers about how people will favorably view their homes from the outside. The result is, when people are comparing your home with stained glass, to homes without it, your lovely stained glass could push potential buyers towards purchasing your home.

Stained Glass Windows Give Your Home A Higher Perceived Value

The actual value of a home is a real number that buyers consider when purchasing a home. However, there is also something called the perceived value, which is what people believe it to be worth. Stained glass always increases the perceived value of a home, because it is beautiful and often antique. Studies show that even if two homes have the same actual value, buyers perceive homes with stained glass to be more valuable. This means they are likely to bid higher to get them, should it come to a bidding war and overall the sale of your home will be faster because of this perception of value.

For more information on how stained glass will increase the value of your home, contact Scottish Stained Glass today for a free consultation!

Stained Glass Through Time: From Ancient Wonders to Modern Day Art in Houston

Posted March 18th, 2018 by Martin Faith
houston stained glass through time

When most people think of stained glass, they imagine the large, colorful windows that adorn the halls of century old cathedrals, mosques, and temples like the Chartres Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, Notre Dame, and Sainte-Chapelle. But the truth is that the world of stained glass reaches far beyond this. Original glassworks were very different from these aforementioned examples, and the world of modern stained glass varies just as greatly.

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Benefits of Restoring Stained Glass in Houston’s Historic Theaters, Museums, and Restaurants

Posted March 7th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Houston is renowned for their beautiful, historic stained glass windows that are featured throughout different historic theaters, museums, restaurants, and more. Did you know that stained glass typically starts to deteriorate around the 75 year – 100 year mark? Many stained glass pieces are reaching that age, making historic stained glass restoration a relevant issue. In order to prevent further damage, stained glass should be restored during the first stages of deterioration. With a multitude of opportunities and benefits, stained glass restoration can deliver another 100 years of product life.

The Importance of Preserving Heritage Through Stained Glass Restoration

Not only is it extremely significant to preserve heritage through stained glass restoration, this intriguing process can actually increase antique equity, improve property value, and attract more guests and customers to your historic Houston theater, museum, or restaurant. Protecting and prolonging stained glass pieces can really add character and enrichment to these public buildings, inspiring our community and sharing messages through a different media they’re not used to. Proper stained glass restoration can be a great ROI, allowing Houston commercial property owners an opportunity to continue preserving history for generations to come.

Stained Glass Restoration from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

How to Get Started on Your Historic Stained Glass Restoration Project

If you’re starting to notice any signs of stained glass deterioration, including warped glass pieces, damaged/fallen glass pieces, white film on your stained glass, brittle lead deterioration, etc. please contact us immediately. Once we schedule an on-site consultation, we can analyze all the root problems causing your stained glass to deteriorate and create a custom plan-of-action in order to better restore your stained glass. We can provide estimates and cost-benefit analysis regarding the historic stained glass restoration to help you make the most informed decision. Once you’ve decided whether or not to proceed, we can take it from there– transporting your stained glass back to our studio for repair.

For more information regarding historic stained glass restoration, please give us a call: (303) 766-3811

Replacement v Stained Glass Repair: Which One Is Right for Your Houston Church?

Posted March 5th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Signs Your Stained Glass Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

Stained Glass WindowsStained glass is a lovely artform cherished by many church parishioners in Houston area churches. It is so beloved in fact, that it is no wonder we, Scottish Stained Glass, get myriads of inquiries from church pastors or congregations fretting over whether to replace or repair the stained glass windows that are perhaps sagging, dirty, chipped and cracked, or even missing pieces of glass. Whether to restore or repair is a question that does not have one simple answer but here is a bit of guidance for you.

Weigh The Cost Of Replacing Vs. Repairing Stained Glass Windows

While it is true that the cost of restoring some badly damaged stained glass windows, particularly large ones, is quite expensive, once it is restored, the value of this antique stained glass window can be up to four times the value of a brand new window. A new window may be less upfront but will require decades before it builds the value of an antique. As for the cost factor, Scottish Stained Glass may be able to help you with a fundraising drive to restore your gorgeous stained glass, a project we have found most congregations are eager to support.

Understand That Scottish Stained Glass Can Match Your Existing Glass

Many of the customers that come to us for their Houston church windows do not initially consider restoration because they believe that the antique glass cannot be matched today. However, this is categorically untrue. As some of the most skilled stained glass repair artists in the state of Texas, we have access to the finest custom glass manufacturers around the globe and can have specially made glass built to match your original. Not only that but, we have developed special methods for removing and restoring massive church stained glass windows The process may take months but will restore these windows of sentimental and monetary value to their original luster and beauty and make them durable for decades to come.

Consider The Historical Value Of Your Glass

Often times congregations forget what a long and glorious history their Houston church stained glass comes with. If you stained glass is very old/dating back to the early-mid 20th century, it is possible your church’s stained glass windows were designed and built by a master artist, which makes them an important part of the history of your church. In this case, investing in an extensive stained glass repair project may well be the best choice for your congregation.

Watch this video for more information on church stained glass restoration:

Scottish Stained Glass For Your Houston Church Stained Glass Restoration

If your church stained glass is showing signs of wear or has not been inspected in some time, it is best to have Scottish Stained Glass come in and consult with you. With old stained glass, it is best not to wait as the damage will only grow worse and more costly to repair over time. Contact us today for a free, onsite consultation of your Houston church stained glass.

Our Process for Houston Church Stained Glass Restoration

Posted March 3rd, 2018 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration houston

Over the twenty-five years that we’ve been in business, we’ve created and restored over 40,000 stained glass restorations, many of which were in the greater Houston area and other Texas metros. Throughout this time, we’ve perfected our processes and come to see the art of glass making in a whole new way. Not only does glass design and restoration require an artistic eye and skilled hand, but it also requires precision, planning, and experience.

Now, we have developed a signature process that we use for all Houston church stained glass restorations. In this post, we’ll reveal some our knowledge about stained glass repair and restoration as well as trouble signs to look out for when it comes to the degradation of stained glass.
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Painted Stained Glass Projects For Houston Church Windows

Posted February 20th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass:  Houston’s Premiere Painted Stained Glass Artist

Painted stained glass is a complicated process that we, at Scottish Stained Glass, have taken years to hone our skills in.  The process for painting stained glass is actually quite fascinating and requires years of extensive experience to master, which is why we have spent almost 3 decades learning this age-old craft. Whether your Houston church stained glass is old or new, we can confidently handle any scope of work.  From painted stained glass restoration to original painted stained glass creation, we are the Houston areas specialists. To get a better understanding of the complex processes involved in crafting your one-of-a-kind painted stained glass masterpiece, read on.

The Lovely Tradition Of Painted Stained On Churches

There is no denying that painted stained glass is a gorgeous and unique way to add character and charm to chapels in Houston.  Although it may appear simple, it is actually achieved through a complicated and, some may say, scientific method because the colors you see on painted stained glass are actually achieved through the use of complicated chemical interactions of different minerals and oils.

Painted Stained Glass Method 1

The artist starts with colored glass and paints special black paint made of oils and minerals onto it.  This piece of glass is then fired in our kiln at 1250-1450 for a couple of hours until the paint melts into the glass.  The paint then becomes part of the glass and will never rub off or be removed.

Painted Stained Glass Method 2

The second method involves clear glass.  During this process, colors are painted on a clear piece of glass one at a time and fired in between layers of color to build up layers of shading or color. Any color that involves the use of yellow can be particularly difficult in this method as the chemical used for yellows color (silver staining) is very toxic and will destroy other colors.  For this reason, when trying to achieve the color green for instance, the toxic yellow must be painted on the opposite side of the glass as the blue paint in order to keep the yellow from damaging the blue paint.

Houston’s Painted Stained Glass Experts

Matching styles on restoration projects is definitely a challenge and means figuring out what type of techniques the original artist used.  For example, some artists would sometimes paint the black paint on their glass and then use a wood stick to rub off part of the black paint to give the piece texture. They would also use this technique to scribe in individual elements like blades of glass.

Learn more about the history of painted glass here or watch the video below.

Whatever the original technique our skilled artists do numerous iterations to exactly mimic the look of your chapel’s stained glass. Difficult as it may be,  we are always up to the challenge here at Scottish Stained Glass and love what we do!  Contact us to find out more about original or restoration painted stained glass for your Houston Church today!


Our Technique for Restoring Houston’s 100 Year Old Church Stained Glass

Posted January 30th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Houston has some of the most beautiful, intricate church stained glass in our nation. Our experienced team of stained glass artisans have had the pleasure of restoring some of these historic, 100 year old pieces of art, giving back to the Houston church community. Our comprehensive stained glass restoration entails a multi-step, almost month long restoration process that brings these pieces back to life while prolonging them for another 100 years.

Houston Church Stained Glass Restoration Assessment

Our extensive church stained glass restoration process starts with an on-site assessment. Our team of stained glass experts examine your church’s stained glass windows in order to determine root causes of deterioration. By problem solving and discovering the culprits and forces behind the deterioration, we’re able to create a customize course of action ensuring those factors won’t affect your glass as detrimentally as before. For instance, recognizing a certain way the glass bows helps us identify which wind force is causing that shape and allows us to create custom reinforcements during restoration.

Once the assessment is complete, we carefully remove your church stained glass panels and transport them back to our repair studio. From there, we soak your stained glass in our proprietary soap blend for at least two weeks. This step removes all the dirt and impurity buildup from the last 100 years while making it easier for us to remove the glass and dispose of the lead properly.

Processing Your Restored Houston Church Stained Glass

Once we replicate pieces of your stained glass that needs replacement, whether its mimicking the painted glass elements or finding a perfect match from our inventory 50,000 glass pieces, we replace the lead with a mixture of lead and tin strengthening all the joints and frame. We cover the panels with black cement insuring all cracks are filled and durable, then clean and polish your restored stained glass windows. Once reinstalled, you and your congregation are left breathless from the clean, fresh, brand-new look of your restored stained glass windows!

For more information, call today for a free on-site consultation on how Scottish Stained Glass can restore your Houston stained glass windows: (713) 827-8908

Stained Glass Sidelights Provide Privacy for Your Houston Home

Posted January 4th, 2018 by Martin Faith

According to the New York Times, Houston’s housing market continues to be unsinkable even after Hurricane Harvey. The Houston area grows approximately by 400 people daily and builds 40,000 housing units a year, making it the nation’s largest new-housing market. This is unbelievable news for Houston home owners, especially since it consistently trends as a seller’s market. It’s always a great time for home owners to renovate their homes, in order to increase their resale value. A great starter renovation is always the entryway.

Privacy Stained Glass Sidelights

Sidelights in your Houston home entryway are a great starter option for renovation. Sidelights are often selling points in a home due to the fact that they let in an abundance of natural light, creating an open, bright entryway for great first impressions. The problem with typical, manufactured sidelights is the fact that they lack privacy, letting any neighborhood stroller to see clearly into your home and family. Not only is this a privacy issue, but it can definitely be a safety issue as well.

Blinds and drapes could be custom made for your sidelights, but they often take away from your curb appeal and restrains that beautiful natural light. The best option for maintaining aesthetics, safety, and privacy are stained glass sidelights.

Stained Glass Sidelights Renovation

The process begins with an in-home consultation with one of our highly experienced, local glass artisan. They meet with you to hand design the perfect style and color sidelights that complement the rest of your entryway and home. After taking thorough measurements as well, our artisans and design team bring these sketches to life. We work with you every step of the process, ensuring you love every piece of glass and design custom created for your Houston home’s new sidelights. After the sidelights are polished, waterproofed, and finalized, our experienced installers carefully install your home’s new pieces of custom art.

Call today to schedule an in-home consultation on how you can transform your entryway’s sidelights: (713) 827-8908

Why Stained Glass Is the PERFECT Fit For Your Houston Home

Posted October 6th, 2017 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass: The Perfect Fit For Your Houston Home

Stained glass is one of those architectural elements that really fits almost anywhere on any type of home. Did you ever wonder why that is? Well, we did–and it occurred to us that it has everything to do with do with style. Stained glass can match any style of home because it comes in so many different styles itself. Add to that the fact that is can be custom made to order and you have the perfect home accent for any home in Houston and anywhere in the world for that matter. It doesn’t matter if you are ultra hip and modern or more conservative and traditional–stained glass will work just as well for you either way because the styles of stained glass run the gamut from old school to new school and at Scottish Stained Glass Houston, we can help you find just the right stained glass masterpiece for your Houston home.

Stained Glass Style Guide For Houston Homes

Stained glass is so ubiquitous on homes in the Houston area and all around Texas because it comes in so many different, still beautiful themes, styles, colors, and textures. Below are a few examples of the most common styles you will see on homes in the area.

Patterened: Patterned stained glass includes repeating shapes, sizes, and colors. This symmetrical style allows for lower production costs while offering detailed and beautiful designs.

Tiffany Style: Opalescent glass, with its “milky” or “streaked” appearance, is a characteristic of Tiffany-style stained glass. This style also incorporates various layers and thicknesses of glass within each composition

Contemporary: Contemporary stained glass features minimal patterns and in some cases geometric lines. Designers like Greene and Greene or Frank Llyod Wright fit into this category. This style often incorporates dramatic lead lines as part of the imagery

Traditional: Stained glass in the traditional style includes realistically painted figures, flowers or foliage and usually an intricate lead matrix.

If any of these interest you, or you would like to explore more styles with us to put on your Houston home, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass Houston and schedule a free consultation for your very own work of glass art today!

Scottish Stained Glass Extends Services to Houston as a Result of Hurricane Harvey

Posted September 15th, 2017 by Martin Faith
stained glass repair restoration houston

The recent events that transpired in Houston were, to say the least, tragic. At Scottish Stained Glass, our hearts go out to those in Houston that were affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. That’s why we’re doing our part in our own very small way to help Houston’s home owners, churches, and historic buildings whose stained glass windows were damaged.

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Stained Glass Entryway Windows Add Value To Your Houston Home

Posted June 12th, 2017 by Martin Faith
entryway stained glass transoms

Stained Glass Windows For Your Houston Home

Houston is a great place to live right now. Business is booming and more people are taking advantage of the real estate market to buy and sell homes in the Houston area. Although, as you surely know, real estate markets can be volatile. Even though selling homes is easy now, it will not always be such a “sellers” market. As a prudent homeowner, looking to the future sale of your home, in a market that remains a mystery until that time, there are things you can do now, to ensure, when the time comes to sell your Houston home, you have features that add value to your home and attract potential buyers. One such feature that we have seen work wonders for those selling their homes, even in a buyers market, is stained glass windows added to entryway windows.

Stained Glass Window For Your Houston Entryway

As we mentioned, selling your Houston home may not be on your radar right now or if it is but realistically, you will probably one day look to sell it. In which case, stained glass windows on your home’s entryway are a great way to make sure it sells easily when the time comes. The reason for this is two-fold. First of all, adding stained glass to a house anywhere is an investment with a guaranteed return because stained glass is a desirable feature on a home. Since the windows are on the front of the house and visible from the street they add curb appeal which your real estate can calculate into the asking price of your home and is usually significantly higher than what you paid for the window itself. Secondly, houses with stained glass windows in their entryway are always a hit with potential buyers. This gorgeous and prominent feature is the first thing a buyer will see when they view your house and gives your home a leg up on other comparable homes. For these reasons, putting a stained glass window in your Houston home’s entryway now is a very real investment in your home’s future.

If you are interested in a stained glass entryway window or have questions on other types of stained glass windows for your Houston home, contact Scottish Stained Glass today. We are happy to answer any of your questions and schedule a free consultation.

Trending Stained Glass Styles in Houston Homes

Posted May 11th, 2017 by Martin Faith
entryway stained glass houston

There’s a new trend in home decor in 2017, but what it is may actually come as a surprise to you. Stained glass windows have seen a serious revival in popularity this year. And Houston architects, interior designers, and homeowners have picked up on the fashion and brought it to a whole new level.

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Houston’s Hidden Stained Glass Treasures

Posted May 4th, 2017 by Martin Faith
stained glass windows houston

Many people are familiar with Houston’s historic architecture and iconic skyscrapers. But did you know that Houston is also home to another treasure? Beautiful stained glass windows are hidden throughout the city in Houston’s residential, religious, and commercial buildings. We decided to take a look further into these hidden gems tucked away in the Magnolia City to see what exactly we could find.

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