Beautiful Ways to Add Stained Glass to your Kansas City Retail Store

Posted August 11th, 2021 by Martin Faith
stained glass kansas city retail

As a retail store owner, you sell more than merchandise and consumer goods; you sell a brand. That’s why it’s so important that your store reflects the high caliber nature of your brand and makes a good impression.

A great way to accomplish this is by creating an elegant, upscale atmosphere with stained glass. Below, we’ve listed a few of the different ways that you can incorporate stained glass into your Kansas City retail store. Read More

How to get started with Historical Restoration of Stained Glass for Retail Spaces in Fort Collins

Posted October 14th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Some stores with stained glass on stores here in Fort Collins dates back to the early 1900s. Which means it is likely due for restoration. Why? The reason for this is simple. Stained glass made at the beginning of the 20th century was built to last about 80-100 years before need restoration. This means a couple of things. First, it is likely time to get your retail location’s stained glass repair if you want it to last another 100 years. Secondly, the stained glass in your Fort Collins store has historical value and that should be considered when contemplating the value and cost of repairs. But what exactly is the process for starting on a restoration of historical retail stained glass? Read below to understand where to begin

Determining If Your Retail Stained Glass Needs Restoration

Examine Your Stained Glass Yourself

The first step on your restoration journey is to examine your stained glass to get an idea of its superficial state. This means taking a close look at the glass to see if there are any chips, cracks or missing pieces. Also, examine the leading. Is it chipped and brittle? Or does it look saggy? These are all signs that the stained glass in your Fort Collins retail hub may need repair.

Have A Professional Access Your Stained Glass

The next thing to do is to have a professional do an assessment of your stained glass. A professional will take a much deeper look at the glass, leading and structural elements. They will be able to see things you may have missed like concave windows or micro-fissures. They will also be able to give you an estimate of time and cost. This will be important for the next step.

Talk To Your Investors and Employees

Once you know the state of your stained glass, how much it will cost to repair and how long, the next step is to talk to those invested in your store. This could mean actual investors and partners. It could also mean employees who may have to take a bit of time off during restoration. Most of the time we here at Scottish are minimally intrusive but preparing interested parties is key to a successful stained glass restoration.

For more information on retail stained glass or stained glass restoration in Fort Collins, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

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