How to Fundraise for a Church Stained Glass Restoration

Posted March 20th, 2023 by Nick Woodward

Churches and their members take immense pride in the stained glass windows that adorn them, for these stunning works of art symbolize their history. We, therefore, strongly encourage preserving these Denver historical artifacts to restore them to their original glory–a goal that brings joy to all involved! Though there are financial barriers we must surpass before achieving this end result, it is always worth the investment.

Why Church Stained Glass Restoration is an Investment

Investing in the preservation of antique stained glass is certainly worthwhile, as these beautiful works will remain for centuries to come. It may cost a pretty penny initially; however, it’s an invaluable expenditure that keeps the radiance and life of such treasured pieces alive. The effort put forth today ensures our future generations can continue admiring their splendor.

With limited resources available, churches are often pushed to fundraise in order for us to perform the necessary stained glass restorations. Our team has had numerous opportunities where we’ve witnessed church congregations take initiative and come up with inventive ideas for securing the money needed to bring back their historic windows.

Fundraising Ideas for Church-Stained Glass

Fundraising is not a new concept for non-profit organizations like churches. There are plenty of traditional ways to do so. But, in a digital era, there are plenty of new ways too. Below we to outlined some of the most traditional and non-traditional ways to raise money.

Traditional Stained Glass Fundraising Ideas

Bake Sale:  Holding a special bake sale, especially around the holidays is a great way to raise money for your church’s new stained glass. People love to donate to something and getting a tasty treat at the same time.

Silent Auction: This type of fundraiser gets local businesses involved in donating products and services to your stained glass restoration project. Oftentimes, the ticket price of the items is fairly high and will auction even higher!

Special Tithe/Offering: Providing a distinct tithe basket for donations towards your church’s stained glass windows at each service is an effective way to remind the congregation of their need for more funds. To add some excitement and encourage generous giving, consider decorating the basket in eye-catching fashion. Moreover, creating a visible representation of how much money has been donated so far will help people visualize the end goal—and become even more involved in bringing it about!

Grants: There are many historical grants out there to preserve stained glass in older churches. Check with your local historical society if your glass is more than 80 years old. These types of grants often go unused if no one applies for them. So why not get one for your church’s lovely and deserving stained glass?

Modern Stained Glass Fundraising Ideas

Email Blasts: If your church is sending out email blasts, be sure to include a link to a donation page for stained glass windows. Don’t have one? Reach out and ask if anyone in the congregation can create it – there are often members willing to donate their time and resources. When done frequently during all seasons of the year, this type of marketing strategy works wonders!

Social Media Posts: In this day and age, many churches have an online presence. By posting on your church’s social media accounts you get the message out about potential stained glass restoration. Plus, they can also share the posts with people outside your church who may want to donate to the stained glass restoration.

If you would like to learn more about ways to raise money for the renovation of your Denver church’s stained glass, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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