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Church Stained Glass Restoration in Arizona

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Church Stained Glass Repair & Restoration in Arizona

The first religions practiced in Arizona were those belonging to the Native American populations, including the Hopi, Apache, and Pima tribes. Later, as Franciscan missionaries ventured to the area in the 17th century, many natives were converted to Catholicism and Christian beliefs spread widely thereafter. This was followed by Mormonism, which made its way into Arizona in the mid 1800’s. Remarkably, several of the old missions and basilicas erected hundreds of years ago still stand today and are home to some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the southwest.

As these glorious works of art reach a critical age, ensuring their preservation with stained glass restoration is more important than ever. Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be part of the mission of protecting Arizona’s historic churches, temples, and cathedrals.

We are proud to provide our expert church stained glass restoration services to Arizona religious institutions of all types, sizes, and denominations. Whether you’re looking for someone who can appraise the condition or value of your stained glass or are in need of immediate repairs, we are here to help. We serve all major metro areas of Arizona including Phoenix, Tucson, the East Valley (Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, etc.), Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale and the West side, Flagstaff, Northern Arizona, and beyond.


Stained Glass Restoration for Preserving Your Arizona Church

Your church’s stained glass windows are one of its most important features. For years, they have shaped your identity of the community and provided the familiarity which has allowed your church to become a landmark. What’s more, they provide light, privacy, and outstanding beauty. Church stained glass restoration allows Arizona religious bodies to preserve their church’s historic architecture while also providing benefits like:


Arizona’s Church Stained Glass Repair Specialists

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to provide our expert stained glass repair services to Arizona churches. We thoroughly enjoy every opportunity we get to work with churches and are happy to consult with board members on all matters related to the repair and restoration process. Whether you’re in need of some minor cleaning or something more extensive, our comprehensive services have got you covered.


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Call our office today to learn more about our church stained glass restoration services in Arizona or speak to an expert about your project.

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