A Quick Guide to Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration in Dallas

cathedral stained glass restoration dallas

Did you know that some of the longest standing stained glass windows in Dallas are over one hundred years old? That’s right, some of Dallas’ church stained glass is close to one hundred and fifty years old. Looking at Dallas’ stained glass is like looking back in time and seeing history unfold right before your eyes.

Stained glass can last for thousands of years, so long as it gets the care it needs. But if cracks and chips aren’t fixed when they occur, the stained glass can perish. Stained glass usually starts to lose its structural strength around the 75 to 100 year mark. If your stained glass is nearing this age, you may need cathedral stained glass restoration in Dallas. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect for the repairs.

Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration: A Necessary & Time Intensive Process

Cathedral stained glass restoration is a time and skill intensive process that Dallas churches can opt for in order to preserve their stained glass. The process for restoration is extremely tedious and requires a considerable amount of financial resources and labor. However, the end results are well worth it. You’ll be amazed at how much clearer and brighter your stained glass is after it’s been restored.

When Is It Needed?

Stained glass restoration is needed when stained glass begins to show signs of deterioration. These are usually visible, however, they might not be fully revealed until an inspection has been done by a professional. It’s always a good idea to periodically inspect your stained glass just in case, even if you don’t see anything wrong with it from far away. Stand beneath the glass, look upward, and look for pieces that are bowed, chipped, cracked, or discolored. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact an expert immediately.

Cathedral Stained Restoration Process

Cathedral stained glass that has begun to deteriorate should only be handled by an expert. Once you’ve found a reputable repair expert in your area, schedule a time to meet with them. They may want to see the glass for themselves in person first before accepting the offer. Once your stained glass has been inspected, a plan will be made for the repairs. Sometimes repairs can be completed onsite right in your cathedral. Other times, stained glass restoration in Dallas needs to be completed in a controlled environment like a workshop. It all depends on the age and condition of the glass.

Schedule a Consultation

Not sure if your Dallas cathedral needs stained glass restoration? Call our team to schedule your consultation.

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